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17-Acre Waterfront Park, Three Distribution Buildings Planned for Bellmawr Redevelopment Area; DEP Welcomes Comments

A waterfront park and three planned distribution buildings are planned for the redevelopment site.

An application for a Waterfront Development Individual Permit is being submitted to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Land Use Regulation for the Bellmawr Redevelopment Agency and Big Timber Junction, LLC project.

The Department of Environmental Protection is welcoming comments and any information concerning the proposed development and site.

The Bellmawr Redevelopment Agency and Redeveloper Big Timber Junction, LLC are submitting this Waterfront Development Individual Permit (Upland/Waterward) for the proposed construction of:

  • (i) a new 17-acre Waterfront Park along the north shore of the Big Timber Creek, and
  • (ii) other commercial improvements further inland, including three planned distribution buildings with associated parking and internal driveways.

The address for the project is Creek Road in Bellmawr (Block 78, Lot 1-3; Block 79.01) and for Deptford Township (Block 1.02, Lot 1).

The complete permit application package can be viewed at the Municipal Clerk’s Offices in Bellmawr and Deptford and we will update this post once we have the opportunity to review it.

Written comments can be submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection concerning the proposed development and site by August 31, 2022 to:

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Division of Land Use Regulation
P.O. Box 420, Code 501-02A
401 East State Street
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0420

In 2017, we reported that a Resolution was passed that created the Bellmawr Redevelopment Agency.

In that post, we explained that two former landfills are located in Bellmawr and one is located in Deptford.

Dewey Blanton Landfill & Fazio Bellmawr Landfill

Existing within the Borough of Bellmawr, are “contiguous parcels of land, which were formerly utilized as landfills” – the “Dewey Blanton Landfill” and the “Fazio Bellmawr Landfill.”

Credit: Remington & Vernick – Route 42/Landfill Redevelopment Study

Fazio Deptford Landfill/Deptford Parcel

There is a third former landfill parcel that exists within Deptford’s borders – the “Fazio Deptford Landfill” or the “Deptford Parcel.”

This parcel is contiguous to both of the Bellmawr Landfill parcels, but is not contiguous to any lands within Deptford Township as it is completely bordered by Big Timber Creek and by properties within Bellmawr Borough, primarily the Bellmawr parcels.

The May, 2022 edition of the Bellmawr Bulletin, included a Bellmawr Waterfront Development Project Update along with a rendering of the Bellmawr Waterfront Park Trail. This new “waterfront park will be the most significant new park and recreation asset created in Camden County within the last 50 years.”

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I don’t think it’s a good idea to build on toxic ground. Stirring up that will only cause more health issues for the residents of Bellmawr. The people planning this are only seeing $ signs and all I see many more tombstones.

Don’t disturb the ground . Detrimental to bellmawr residents health . Not a good idea.don’t make it all about money .

Don’t disturb the ground . Can’t be good for the environment and the health of the residents

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