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Bellmawr Planning Board to Consider St. Joachim’s Application for Parking & Traffic Circulation Pattern Feb. 6

The Borough of  Bellmawr has published a Legal Notice today indicating that the Bellmawr Planning Board will be considering the application of St. Joachim’s Parish (applicant) for preliminary and final site plan with bulk variance relief.

Replacement Parking & New Internal Traffic Circulation

The application is seeking preliminary and final site plan with bulk variance relief for the replacement of parking and new internal traffic circulation. This will be necessary because of New Jersey Department of Transportation’s (NJDOT) temporary road on a portion of the property. Variance relief is also sought for certain pre-existing, non-conforming conditions on the lot, including parking, building height and signage.

The property involved is 601 W. Browning Road, which is designated as Block 50.04, Lots 1.01 and 1.02 on the Borough of Bellmawr Tax Map.

The Applicant will be requesting any and all other variances, waivers and/or ordinance interpretations that may be necessary. The case will be heard on Monday, February 6 at 7:00 p.m. in the courtroom at the Borough Hall.

Bellmawr News St. Joachim Annunication
All photos by SJO. Photos of the site of the “old” church at Annunciation/St. Joachim Annunciation that was demolished in December, 2014 and has since been repaved.

Bellmawr News St. Joachim

Bellmawr News St. Joachim Annunication
The rear area of the existing church near Route 42.  (Photos by SJO)

Cedar Avenue Application

The Planning Board will also hear another case on February 6 regarding the subdivision of a property at 133 S. Cedar Avenue.

According to the Legal Notice that was published today, Stephen Rizzo, Inc. has filed an application to subdivide 133 S. Cedar Avenue into two lots for the purpose of building one new home on the new lot to be created. The applicant seeks approval with any relief the Board may deem necessary.

Applications on both cases are available to be viewed at the Bellmawr Borough Hall during regular business hours.

Bellmawr News St. Joachim
(Above and below) Screenshots of the Legal Notices that were published January 27, 2017. (Source: NJ Legal

Bellmawr News St. Joachim