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3rd Grade Alice Costello Students Celebrate Arbor Day With Special Guests & Tree Dedication

Third grade students from Brooklawn’s Alice Costello Elementary School celebrated Arbor Day with the help of the Shade Tree Commission and several other special guests. A Swamp White Oak tree was planted for the class of 2022.

Students in Lisa Parry’s and Tom DiMattia’s third grade classes at Brooklawn’s Alice Costello Elementary School celebrated Arbor Day on May 1 with help from a few special guests.

Mayor Teri Branella, Councilman Patrick Moses, Police Chief Shamus Ellis, Freeholder Susan Shin Angulo, Todd Twichell, and Kimberly Meehan visited the third grade classes to teach the students about the importance and benefits of trees to a community.

The Shade Tree Commission, which was founded by Mayor Branella and chaired by Patrick Moses, came up with the idea in 2015 of dedicating a tree to honor a class. This year, a Swamp White Oak tree was dedicated for the class of 2022 and the students had a hand in helping to plant it.

Following the tree dedication, the students went on a walking tour so they could see all of the other trees that have been dedicated throughout the years from the Shade Tree Commission.

Prior to the tree dedication, Freeholder Susan Shin Angulo presented a Proclamation to Parry and DiMattia.

Photo Gallery by SJO