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Architect Presents E.M. Burke Classroom Renovation & Restoration Project

The classroom renovation and restoration project presentation was presented to the Bellmawr BOE for the damages sustained to E.M. Burke School due to a July 3, 2018 fire.

On November 12, there was a Special Meeting of the Bellmawr Board of Education (BOE) for the purpose of reviewing the floor plan and bid specifications for the damages that E.M. Burke Elementary School sustained due to a July 3, 2018 fire.

The district’s architect, Bob Garrison, made a presentation to the BOE which included fire damage photos and a scope of work.

E.M. Burke Restoration Renovation
All photos by Garrison Architects
E.M. Burke Restoration Renovation

Project Scope:

  • Restoration of the original eight classrooms damaged by lightning and fire
  • Demolition of limited interior walls, doors, ceilings, HVAC equipment, fixtures and finishes throughout the first and second floors
  • Renovated areas will receive new doors and frames, hardware, floor and wall finishes, casework and built-in cabinets, lay-in ceilings and LED lighting, display boards, HVAC equipment and systems as well as electrical and fire alarm systems.
  • Renovation of two existing toilet rooms including expansion of the boy’s toilet room, new plumbing fixtures and piping, toilet accessories, lay-in ceilings, lighting and new ceramic tile finishes
  • Limited new finishes and air conditioning in the basement

Sealed bids are due by November 27, 2018 and the project is expected to be completed by July, 2019. 

E.M. Burke Restoration Renovation

To view the full presentation, click the image below.

E.M. Burke Restoration and Renovation Project

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