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Somerdale Council Introduces Ordinance to Allow Construction of New 30,000 sq. ft. Grocery Store at WHP & Evergreen Ave.

Somerdale Council has intrdouced an Ordinance that will allow for the construction of a new 30,000 sq. foot grocery store at the intersection of the White Horse Pike & Evergreen Ave.

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An Ordinance was introduced at a meeting of the Somerdale Governing Body held on July 10, 2019 for the purpose of allowing the construction of a 30,000 square foot grocery store at the intersection of the White Horse Pike and Evergreen Avenue, according to a Legal Notice that was published on August 1, 2019.

Details of the Ordinance address the need to amend the Kennedy Boulevard Area Redevelopment Rehabilitation Study, as well as the Redevelopment and Revitalization Plan to provide for the Evergreen Avenue Redevelopment Project.

Borough Council has determined that the design standards adopted are not inconsistent with the Master Plan: Land Use Segment that was adopted in April, 1978 or any reexamination, up to and including the 2017 Reexamination Report.

A resident has challenged a previously adopted Ordinance related to design and this Ordinance is intended to address the issues raised in the challenge.

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Borough Council also recognizes that there may be differing opinions as to inconsistencies of the design standards that were adopted and to the Master Plan, so Council has determined that any such inconsistencies are justified by the following:

  • The Evergreen Ave Redevelopment Project is located at the outer periphery of the Kennedy Boulevard Redevelopment Area which lessens the justification for matching consistent design standards.
  • The properties in the Evergreen Ave Redevelopment Project have been particularly challenging to develop, due to the topography of adjacent lots.
  • The proposed project, construction of a 30,000+/- sq. ft. grocery store, will provide a suitable appropriate gateway to a commercial/industrial area down along Evergreen Avenue towards and along Kennedy Boulevard, and into the Cooper Towne Shopping Center.
  • The proposed project may allow for the Somerdale Board of Education and its proposed parking lot project to use the stormwater management of the proposed store to handle a portion of the parking lot drainage, saving the Board of Education a considerable expense.

Borough Council has determined that for the efficient, timely, and successful redevelopment of the property located within the Evergreen Ave Redevelopment Project, it is necessary to modify various design standards which presently apply to said properties pursuant to either the Borough’s Land Use Ordinance and/or the Redevelopment Plan.

The Ordinance will be considered for Final Adoption after Second Reading and Public Hearing on August 12, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at the Somerdale Borough Hall, 105 Kennedy Boulevard.

A copy of the Ordinance can be obtained from the Somerdale Clerk’s office. It can also be viewed by clicking the image below.

We don’t know at this time what grocery store has targeted this spot to build on, but once we can confirm it, we will provide updates as soon as they become available.

Somerdale Evergreen Avenue Redevelopment Ordinance

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