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Application Made to Transfer Liquor License for Guiseppi’s in Mt. Ephraim to Bobby Ray’s BHT, LLC

An application has been made to the Boro of Mt. Ephraim to transfer Guiseppi’s liquor license to Bobby Ray’s BHT, LLC.

An application was recently made to the Borough of Mt. Ephraim to transfer the liquor license for Guiseppi’s Restaurant in Mt. Ephraim to Bobby Ray’s BHT, LLC.

The application is a person-to-person transfer to Bobby’s Ray’s BHT, LLC, for the plenary retail consumption license that was issued to Ed Dawn Corp., trading as “Guiseppi’s Restaurant” located at 13 South Black Horse Pike. Bobby Ray Harris is the sole and managing member of Bobby Ray’s BHT, LLC.

Guiseppe's Mt. Ephraim
The sign at Guiseppi’s parking lot warned Harwan Movie Theatre patrons not to park in the lot. The Harwan was demolished years ago to make way for the Walgreens at the corner of Kings Highway and the Black Horse Pike. (SJO photo)

SJO reached out to Bobby Ray’s Pennsauken Tavern, which is located at 6324 Westfield Avenue to find about what the plans for Guiseppi’s Restaurant are.

Are there plans to convert or renovate Guiseppi’s into a second location for Bobby Ray’s Pennsauken Tavern? Will similar beer and drink specials that are regularly posted on their Facebook page be offered in Mt. Ephraim?

Recent Bobby Ray’s Facebook posts include specials for “Bobby’s Famous Tater Tots” and a Brago Burger made with one-half pound of Angus beef that’s “layered with a tangy slice of pork roll, crisp scrapple, and a fried egg, smothered in cheese and secret Brago sauce.”

Bobby Ray’s also recently began offering “Flights” — four flights of craft drinks for $10. “Perfect for when you want to try a new one or you just can’t pick a favorite,” a recent post read.

We will update this story as information becomes available.