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Dogs Available at Voorhees Animal Orphanage During “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month”

Reduced dog adoption fees offered for pit bulls or mixed breed pit bulls in recognition of “National Pit Bull Awareness Month.”

The Voorhees Animal Orphanage is encouraging area residents to visit the local community shelter and adopt, not shop during “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month” in October.

“I encourage anyone who is interested in adding a new furry family member to visit VAO before they look anywhere else,” said Jennifer Bailey, Marketing Director for Voorhees Animal Orphanage. “We have many amazing dogs who are in desperate need of a home. All they are asking for is a chance – they deserve to have one.”

Serving 22 municipalities in southern New Jersey, including 16 towns in Camden County, VAO takes in lost or stray dogs and puppies, and dogs who have been surrendered by their owners.

When space allows, VAO will also care for dogs who they are able to save from high-kill shelters.

“Some of the dogs we take in are confused or scared. They don’t know why they are here, and they become almost a shell of what they were. Other dogs have been at the shelter for months on end. They need the support of a loving and permanent home to bring out the happy dog they are underneath,” said Bailey.

VAO is currently at capacity, but that doesn’t stop the staff and volunteers from helping new intakes. “We will always find a solution for the dogs we take in,” said Bailey. “We believe each and every dog here deserves love, care and a family to call their own. We’re happy to be their temporary loving family until their permanent one comes along, no matter how long that may take.”

National Pit Bull Awareness Month

Pit Bulls or ‘bully breeds’ are one of the most common types of dogs founds in shelters. Stigmatized as a vicious, aggressive “bully,” pit bulls are too often abandoned and abused. To help raise awareness about this stigma and celebrate pit bulls for their friendly and loveable nature, VAO is reducing the adoption fee for any adult dog mixed with any bully breed to just $50 for “National Pitbull Awareness Month” this October.

While the term “bully” can invoke a sense of terror, the term is used to describe dog breeds originating from the same root stock called Molosser from Ancient Greece. Dogs classified as a “bully breed” are: the “Johnson” American Bulldog, the “Scott” American Bulldog, the Dogo Argentino, the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, the Boxer, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Bull Terrier, the American Bully, the Miniature Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the Boston Terrier.

“Bully breeds are sometimes feared because of their ‘bad’ reputation and the scary stories about dog attacks you hear on the news,” said Bailey. “What is often overlooked is that these dogs may have become aggressive because they were neglected, abused or trained to be. It’s not the breed, it’s the human at the other end of the leash that is the cause of any behavioral issues more often than not. As with any dog, with the proper care, bully breeds are normally gentle, loving dogs. We have many here at VAO that would make an excellent companion.”

Support VAO

VAO is asking for potential adopters to visit the shelter and spend some time with the adoptable dogs during their search for a new “furry friend.”

For those who cannot adopt, VAO encourages area residents to get involved through fundraising or by making a donation to VAO’s $1.6 million capital campaign “Building for Pawsitive Future.”

Donations to the campaign support the construction of VAO’s much-needed new facility. Built on VAO’s existing site on 419 Cooper Road in Voorhees, next to the Voorhees Township Fire Department, the new 8,900 sq. foot facility is in phase two of construction. VAO anticipates a new building opening by the end of 2019.

To view adoptable dogs or to learn more about the adoption process, visit or email  To make a donation to support VAO’s Building for a Pawsitive Future” Capital Campaign or to learn more, visit

About the Voorhees Animal Orphanage
Founded in 1988, the Voorhees Animal Orphanage (VAO) is a nonprofit community animal shelter and 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to providing shelter, food and medical care to stray and unwanted animals, until permanent and loving homes can be found. VAO does not receive any local, state or federal funding.

We rely on grants and generous contributions of individuals and corporations. Currently, VAO serves 22 towns in southern New Jersey, 16 of which are in Camden County. VAO strives to meet a 90 percent live release rate (no-kill) and works with rescue partners across the country to rescue animals from overcrowded and high-kill shelters. To learn more about VAO and its “Building for a Pawsitive Future” Capital Campaign, visit

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