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Women United & Solvay Polymers Partner to Bring Born Learning Trail to West Deptford

Women United, an affinity group of United Way of Gloucester County, has partnered with the Solvay Specialty Polymers to install a Born Learning Trail at West Deptford Park in West Deptford, NJ. The trail was installed by the West Deptford Public Works Department, and a ribbon cutting ceremony will be held to officially open the Trail on Wednesday, March 18th at 6pm to celebrate the first day of spring.

The Born Learning Trail is a series of 10 interactive signs that offer fun, engaging learning activities for young children and their families. It helps parents, grandparents and caregivers create quality engagement opportunities. The signs encourage children to learn from their surroundings by using their senses and critical thinking skills. It is a way to utilize the environment to generate thoughtful conversation between a caregiver and child.

“The Women United Group of the United Way are delighted to share the installation of the Born Learning Trail into West Deptford Park with Solvay Specialty Polymers of West Deptford,” said Denise Racano, Chair of Women United. “The Trail helps parents, caregivers and communities create quality engagement when out on a stroll or visiting the park while helping to stimulate the mind of young children enticing them to learn through playful design and visual bold colors.”

Employees from Solvay Specialty Polymers painted the trails stencils during their Volunteer Day in October 2019.  There were ten different stenciling designs that employees helped create for the Born Learning Trail in West Deptford.

West Deptford Township Mayor Denice DiCarlo, Township councilmembers Jim Robinson, Adam Reid and Megan Kerr, and Deputy Mayor Jim Mehaffey are scheduled to attend. Representatives from Women United, Solvay Specialty Polymers and United Way of Gloucester County will be present to celebrate as well.

The West Deptford Trail is the fourth Born Learning Trail installed by Women United and United Way of Gloucester County. 

The first Trail was installed in March 2016 at Autumn Pasquale Memorial Park in Clayton by Women United and United Way of Gloucester County.

The second Trail is at Wing-Dickerson Park in Woodbury and came to fruition thanks to the partnership between the Greater Woodbury Chamber of Commerce, the FAF Coalition and United Way of Gloucester County. The third Born Learning Trail was installed at the William Wilt Soccer Complex in Harrison Township through a partnership between Women United and the Rotary Club of Mullica Hill.

Women United is an affinity group of the United Way of Gloucester County but operates independently. Established locally in 2008, Women United has brought together a team of leadership volunteers who bring the vision, energy, talent, resources and initiative to improve lives in our community and create lasting change. Women United is dedicated to ensuring that women’s issues are being adequately addressed and funded, and that children in our community have access to the tools they need to attain academic success.

The organization’s goal is to concentrate on critical issues facing women today that will promote confidence and independence through financial literacy, mentoring and volunteerism. For more information, please visit

For additional information on Women United of Gloucester County, contact Nicole Morse at 856-845-4303 ext. 13 or

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