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Creek Road Strip Stores (Across From Bellmawr Lake) Under New Ownership, Undergoing Major Face-Lift

The strip stores across from Bellmawr Lake recently sold and are undergoing a major face-lift.

The strip stores on Creek Road, across from Bellmawr Lake, have recently sold and are undergoing a major face-lift.

We recently noticed that serious rehabbing of the property is currently underway. There is no word as to what future businesses will be leasing there once renovations are complete.

This unit used to be the corner store. (SJO Photo)

I grew up in the “Dead-End” of Bellmawr – where Booth Drive and Peach Road intersect and right down the street from these strip stores. I remember that the end unit closest to Peach Road was once a corner store and used to have video games — Asteroids being one of them. If we had money, we would get candy, soda, or ice-cream there.

Sometimes when we rode our bikes, we’d head up the street to the stores. Starting from the “top,” we rode down each descending “step” that’s in front of each store. I’m sure the owners just loved that.

We would ride our bikes down these “steps”, starting at the top left and riding down each step past each store. (SJO Photo)

At one time, there was a limousine service, a gym, a martial arts academy, and up until recently, a Cash 4 Gold store and a hair salon.

This unit was once a martial arts academy. SJO Photo

Looking forward to watching these renovations progress and seeing what businesses will set up shop there.

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