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Jiffy Lube Proposed for Magnolia

An application has been filed with the Magnolia Joint Land Use Board for approval to construct a Jiffy Lube at 340 East Evesham Ave.

Jiffy Lube International, Inc. has filed an application with the Borough of Magnolia Joint Land Use Board regarding real property at 340 East Evesham Avenue and contains a Royal Farms convenience store with gas.

Jiffy Lube seeks minor subdivision approval to adjust lot lines between two lots. The first lot will be approximately .915 acres and the second lot will be approximately 3.097 acres. No new lots will be created.

Jiffy Lube also seeks preliminary and final major site plan approval to construct a 3,064 square foot Jiffy Lube retail automotive and quick oil change facility with four service bays on proposed lot 1.

Jiffy Lube also seeks all other variances, waivers, and other approvals that may be required.

This application will be heard on August 26, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. in the Magnolia Borough Hall at 438 West Evesham Avenue.

While the hearing is currently scheduled to be in person, you may contact the Joint Land Use Secretary, Debbie Simone, by email at or by phone at (856) 783-1520 extension 117 for definitive confirmation of the hearing location or if it will be moved to a virtual meeting platform, such as Zoom webinar.

To review and inspect the application materials, contact the Joint Land Use Secretary to make arrangements.

You may also contact the applicant’s attorney, Damien DelDuca, Esquire of DelDuca, Lewis, LLC at (856) 427-4200, to request a copy of the application materials.

The application may be adjourned to another date without further notice to you and you are advised to contact the planning board in order to confirm the date and time of the hearing.

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