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Boro of Bellmawr Job Posting: Water/Sewer Utility II

The Boro of Bellmawr has posted a job opening for Water/Sewer Utility II.

The Borough of Bellmawr has posted a job opening in the Public Works Department.

Job Title: Water/Sewer Utility II
Department: Public Works – Water/Sewer Division
Compensation: $27.34/hr. Hours/Week: 40 hours

Job Description:
•Must have C-1, W-1 & T-1 NJDEP licenses.
•Must possess CDL license with proper endorsements.
•Have one (1) year sewer or water school completed (required).
•Ability to check sewer pump stations and report problems to supervisors.
•Able to assist Licensed Operators and take over for Licensed Operators when they are not available.
•Able to coordinate work schedules and handle all situations.
•Able to train employees on procedures and equipment.
•Able to identify and rectify problems in the water/sewer systems.
•Able to provide some mechanical ability in fixing small water/sewer equipment, repairing of minor pipe work, etc.
•Capable of understanding the purpose of the collection system, and its effect on the public.
•Capable to relating to and calming residents when problems occurred.
•Able to troubleshoot a majority of problems within water/sewer system.
•Able to utilize all emergency equipment when needed, and notifying supervisors of problems without delay.
•Able to utilize confined space entry equipment, and know what a confined space is.
•Know what conditions warrant notification of NJDEP and what procedures to take when emergencies arise.
•Know how to address spills properly when they occur and what information is needed when calling NJDEP agencies or other proper agencies.
•Keep maintenance records of water/sewer calls pump station logs etc.
•Know proper procedures to notify NJ One Call for underground mark outs.
•Must have firsthand knowledge of all safety procedures and policies.
•Able to operate backhoe or other equipment needed for excavations.
•Able to operate skid steer, compressor and other small equipment.
•Able to perform some minor truck maintenance.
•Have a clear understanding of all Water/Sewer Division policies and procedures.
•Able to present situations to Mayor and Council, when necessary
•Must undergo and pass a criminal background check as prescribed by the Borough.

How to Apply

Qualified applicants can download an application from the Borough’s website by clicking here to be directed to the Borough’s employment section of their website.

Applications can also be picked up at the Borough Clerk’s office at 21 E. Browning Road.

All completed applications must be submitted in person to the Department of Public Works, 1040 Creek Road.

Applicants must complete and pass a background check to be considered for the position.

If you have any questions, call 856-933-1111.

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