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Cindy Cipriani Named 2020 Campaign Chair for United Way of Gloucester County

During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, the needs in our community have become increasingly more urgent and significantly more crucial.

(Thorofare) – The United Way of Gloucester County (UWGC) is pleased to have Cindy Cipriani as the 2020 Campaign Chair, for a second consecutive year leading the organization’s fundraising efforts. 

Cindy Cipriani began volunteering with the United Way six years ago and currently serves on the Board of Directors and is an active member of the Event Committee. She is an author, speaker, and the Founder of Clear Path Institute, which provides life coaching, grief counseling, and business sales coaching. She is also the co-owner of Cipriani Remodeling Solutions in Woodbury. 

“We are so pleased to once again have Cindy Cipriani leading our fundraising campaign” said Michael Gower, Executive Director of the United Way of Gloucester County. “Cindy is in a unique position to champion this year’s campaign because she has been a recipient of services made possible by United Way funding and also been a leadership giver who has helped countless others.”

Cipriani was introduced to the United Way during a difficult time in her life, and she and her family were trying to move forward and recover after traumatic experiences. They received assistance from the Robins’ Nest Danellie Counseling Center, which was funded by the United Way of Gloucester County at that time.

“With the current unusual climate due to Covid-19 and the uncertainty of our normal lives, more families are finding they need assistance from partner agencies that are funded by The United Way of Gloucester County said, Cipriani. “Their support of local agencies silently touches the lives of so many in our community, and I am extremely honored to be a small part of what they do every day.”

Cindy has already been hard at work helping with the United Way’s Annual Campaign Kickoff, which was held virtually for the first time this year.  Cindy is an integral part of helping our local campaigns that already kicked off, such as Paulsboro Refinery and GGB. 

This year may look different with more virtual campaign options and resources and Cindy is helping our community campaigns adapt and embrace our digital toolkits.

During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, the needs in our community have become increasingly more urgent and significantly more crucial. Luckily, Gloucester County is home to the kindest, generous, and empathetic people on the planet. By working together have done an extraordinary job addressing recent challenges and chronic issues that create hardship for families in our community.

At UWGC, we make it our mission to help Gloucester County residents in need to feel Connected, Independent, and United.  We believe that we are better together, and our programs and initiatives are designed to build better lives for those less fortunate.

However, the current situation has created an urgent need for philanthropic resources to help with unmet needs across the region. Please consider supporting our mission to Build Better Lives in Gloucester County by making a donation to this year’s campaign.

Gifts can be made through many workplace campaigns, by mail, or online by credit card at

The United Way of Gloucester County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to Building Better Lives by funding impactful programs and initiatives.

This local United Way is the leader in building community capacity to foster individual well-being. With a focus on education, financial stability, and health, the UWGC supports over 25 programs and initiatives for Gloucester County residents.

Additionally, UWGC has supported over 50 local nonprofits through its COVID Relief Fund. Please visit or call 856-845-4303 for more information

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