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2021 Borough of Bellmawr Salary Ordinance Approved

All other business was approved, except the Ordinance relating to community cats (TNR). The Ordinance was tabled.

Bellmawr Council approved at their March 25, 2021 meeting Ordinance #02-06-21 — the 2021 Salary Ordinance for Borough employees.

To view the Salary Ordinance in greater detail, click the image below:

All other business on Council’s agenda was approved, with the exception of Ordinance #02:05-21: Adoption of adding article to the Borough Code, Community Cats, which was tabled.

When the matter was brought to a vote, Councilman Wilhelm said that he had received phone calls from residents who had questions about the Ordinance and requested that the Ordinance be tabled so that additional time could be given to address those questions and concerns.

Also during the meeting, Emergency Management Coordinator Dan DiRenzo spoke about the I-295 Direct Connection emergency retaining wall stabilization.

SJO Photo

DiRenzo stated: “It was undetermined what caused it. At this point, there is no impact to public safety.”

DiRenzo also said: “Monitoring devices have been placed to sense movement. Should an event occur, there is an emergency action plan in place.”

DiRenzo stated that the biggest impact would be traffic concerns due to the lane closures and potential heavy overflow traffic.

To view the Council’s meeting agenda, click the image below:

Post updated March 26, 2021 at 6:20 p.m.