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Gloucester County Vocational-Technical and Special Services School District

Employees of the year have been named.

Michael C. Dicken, Superintendent of the Gloucester County Special Services School District and the Gloucester County Vocational-Technical School District, on behalf of the Board of Education announces the 2020-21 Employees of the Year.

These outstanding individuals listed below represent each of their schools, programs, and districts well.


Teacher – Stephen DePasquale
Educational Services Professional – Bryan Vahey
Support Staff – Colleen Simmons


Bankbridge Regional School
Teacher – Brendon Green
Educational Services Professional – Ryan Stahl
Paraprofessional – Deborah (Debbie) Riccardi

Bankbridge Elementary School
Teacher – Lisa Nanfara
Educational Services Professional – Yunique Blakney
Paraprofessional – Karrie Lamb

Bankbridge Development Center
Teacher – Maria Genoese
Educational Services Professional – Kathleen (Katy) Fogle
Paraprofessional – Darin Timberman

Support Staff
Sean McEnroe

Non Public Programs
Educational Services Professional – Icely Moss

Center for Regional Education Support Services (CRESS)
Educational Services Professional – Renee Delre

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