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Is A Storage Facility Planned for the Weber’s Drive-In Property in Brooklawn?

There may be a new storage facility planned for the long-closed Weber’s property located at 310 Crescent Boulevard.

It looks like a storage facility may be planned for the long-closed Weber’s Drive-In property located at 310 Crescent Boulevard in Brooklawn.

According to the March 15, 2021 meeting minutes of the Brooklawn Mayor and Council, it certainly looks like it’s in the works.

SJO photo shows the three-story, self storage facility that is visible from Weber’s parking lot.

The minutes state: “Anthony Seriack … [of] Warren, NJ stated he is in contract to purchase 310 Crescent Blvd. to open a storage facility. Mr. Seriack stated he has been in touch with the Planning and Zoning secretary. Solicitor Higgins explained to Mr. Seriack the process that needs to happen in order to move forward.”

Screenshot taken from the March 15, 2021 meeting minutes
SJO Photo of the three-story, self-service storage facility that is being built in Bellmawr.

Just a few hundred feet away from Weber’s Drive-In, there is already a three-story self-storage facility under construction at the location of the former Pennant/Dick Lees nightclub.

The Pennant was demolished in May, 2020.

According to property tax records, 310 Crescent Boulevard last sold on June 6, 2016 for $390,000.00.

This is a developing story and we will provide updates and information once it becomes available.