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Creek Food Mart in Bellmawr Now Open

Creek Food Mart is the first store to open following massive renovations to all of the units located in the strip across from Bellmawr Lake.

The massive renovations at Creek Plaza (across from Bellmawr) Lake are now complete and the first store, Creek Food Mart, is now open and ready for business.

Owner, Harpreet “Bobby” Singh is excited to be open and invites the community to stop in. He said that Creek Food Mart is a neighborhood, friendly store.

Singh extended his thanks to the Borough of Bellmawr for all of their help with this property.

The store offers EBT, lottery and an ATM.

Beverage stations feature coffee and a Slush Puppie machine. There are wide rows offering a selection of groceries, including a houseware section, charcoal for grilling, Propane tanks, bagged ice, snacks, TaskyKakes, and much more.

The store offers bill pay capability (for cell phone bills and utility).

It is great to see what was once an eyesore has now been completely renovated and transformed. The other units are now available to other tenants for lease.

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