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Letter to The Editor: Food Supplier Terminating Accounts Could Be Detrimental Small Businesses

Terminating small, family-owned business accounts, such as Don & Bert’s in Paulsboro, will be detrimental, and possibly career ending, for small businesses.

By: Harry Sturgis

Want to give a big shout out to US Foods for shutting down all small business accounts, not that they are already hurting, due to the pandemic.

Don & Bert’s Custard Stand, a small, private, family owned business, located at 635 W Broad St, Paulsboro, along with with many other small businesses in the area, received a one day notice that accounts with them are being terminated due to warehouse employee shortages and driver shortages.

Don & Bert’s Custard Stand has been a loyal, Class A buyer as per the company’s salesman for many, many years.

US Foods, terminating a small, family owned business account, such as Don & Bert’s, along with many others, will be detrimental and possibly career ending for small businesses.

It’s hard enough to find suppliers in the area for a good product to provide to its customers as is.

US Foods won’t even meet half way with business owners to allow them to pick product up due to driver shortages but will still allow big, dominate, companies keep accounts open. Go figure.

It is wrong and small business owners continue to have a hole dug out from underneath of them during these tough times.

Don & Bert’s Custard Stand recently received one of the top rankings on NJ.COM and now face career ending struggles to survive, along with many other businesses due to small business account closures from US Foods.

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