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Big Timber Junction, LLC Redeveloper Bellmawr Waterfront Development Project Status Report Nov. 2021

Among the topics included in the Project Status were updates on the Redevelopment Process, Green Acres, NJDOT, and also an Engineering Summary.

On November 15, 2021, there was a regular meeting of the Bellmawr Redevelopment Agency of the Board of Commissioners.

Included in the meeting deck was the Big Timber Junction, LLC Redeveloper Bellmawr Waterfront Development Project Status Report.

Excerpts from the Report:

I. Tidelands Update
Since our last report, The Redeveloper, the Borough and Tidelands have resolved all outstanding Tidelands issues.

When we received the new 2021 draft grant to Bellmawr Borough to review, we saw that Tidelands was asserting rights under the Borough’s 1977 Grant, which still restricted future use.

Tidelands initially claimed that the Borough still was required to pay Tidelands several hundred thousand dollars, separate and apart from the Green Acres use restrictions, even though the Borough had paid Tidelands $97,755.00 in 1977, the equivalent of over $455,000.00 today.

II. Redevelopment Process Updates
Mr. Nogowski met with BRA Real Estate Counsel David Weinstein last week, and they are together working on finalizing the Agreement of Sale with the BRA, and other closing-related processes.

The Redeveloper has provided Conner Strong (the BRA’s insurance Broker), with requested information, so that the Broker can provide updated Environmental Insurance Policy.

Updates, with the goal of getting a policy available by the end of the year.

III. Green Acres
Now that the Tidelands Grant is being finalized, the Redeveloper be working closely with Green Acres over the next sixty days, to proceed with “final approval” of the Borough’s Green Acres Diversion application for Phase III.

Green Acres has been apprised of the recent Tidelands developments.

Redeveloper Counsel Don Nogowski and Borough Solicitor Howard Long are coordinating on NJDOT matters.

The Borough will confirm its agreement and consent to the NJDOT plans, which were reviewed and paper owed by Borough.

Traffic Engineer Mark Roth has confirmed that the NJDOT has agreed to make the plan changes requested by the Borough and the Redeveloper, which plan now reverts back to the original two lanes from Creek Road to Rt. 42, with an improved merge pattern.

The Redeveloper and Mr. Long will work with NJDOT to ensure that NJDOT proceeds with this important local roadway improvement.

V. Engineering Summary
a. Site Grading, Development Design and Potential Development Yield have been developed by Sam Renauro, PE.
b. Waterfront Development Permit Application – to be submitted to NJDEP. Sam Renauro has completed updating the plans, to reflect new stormwater regs and BMP’s.
c. Site Remediation. A very positive meeting with DEP was held on the site in late August, between Sam Renauro, PE, Jen Berg and Chris Ward, LSERP, and NJDEP.
Case Manager Ron Wienckoski. Ron approved the latest site grading and stormwater plans, which are necessary to support the planned redevelopment.

VI. Public Approval Processes
a. NJDEP – Tidelands – Approved at August 2021 Tidelands for Meeting.

VII. Site Use / Market Conditions
a. Anticipate Late Fall 2021/ Q1 2022 marketing.

To view the report in its entirety, click the image below:

To view the meeting slide deck, click the image below:

Credit: Bellmawr Redevelopment Agency

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