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Parents Inc.’s Family Helpline Provides Families With Free 24-Hour Help, Help, Hope & Support

Those looking for a safe, non-udgmental place to talk about family issues can call 1-800-THE-KIDS.

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No one ever said being a parent or teen was easy.

Whether you’re a parent dealing with the “terrible twos” or a teenager feeling lost and confused, help and support is just a phone call away.

Parents Inc. offers the Family Helpline (1-800-THE-KIDS) – a free and confidential statewide service that offers 24/7 live support for parents, teens, children, and professionals to access information and referrals to community agencies in their area.

The Family Helpline provides support to callers before a family crisis happens, serving as both intervention and prevention measures.

It’s a safe, non-judgmental place for anyone to talk about family issues – from comments and questions to concerns.

“We believe asking for help is a sign of strength and encourage people to call our free Helpline,” said Kathleen Roe, executive director, Parents Inc. “Our compassionate and highly trained volunteers are standing by to provide a listening ear and support.”

Parents Inc. volunteers graciously give their time to be available to those who need to talk 24 hours a day.

Family Helpline Volunteers receive experiential training and continuing education provided by the staff of Parents Inc.

Parents Inc. is the largest self-help organization in New Jersey focused on protecting children by strengthening families through mutual support, parent leadership, and advocacy.

For more information on the Family Helpline, call 1-800-THE-KIDS or visit

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