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Public Hearing July 7 For Boro of Mt. Ephraim Salary, Bond Ordinances

Three Ordinances will be considered for final passage after a Public Hearing at the next Mt. Ephraim Board of Commissioners meeting.

Three Ordinances will be considered for final passage following a Public Hearing at the Mt. Ephraim Board of Commissioners meeting on July 7, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.

The Ordinances were first introduced on June 2, 2022.

Ordinance 2022-04: An Ordinance authorizing the acquisition of certain real property as part of the Sacred Heart Church Redevelopment Project; Appropriating the sum of $50,000.

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As for the status of the redevelopment project, during the February 3, 2022 monthly Commissioners’ meeting, a resident asked for an update on the project and Mayor Tovinsky stated: “It is in the hands of the lawyers.”

The resident asked if the Borough had entered into any agreements with a potential buyer and Mayor Tovinsky responded: “There are legal issues to be resolved so we really can’t discuss until that is resolved,” the meeting minutes indicate.

The resident then asked about any potential sale of the property at the corner of Black Horse Pike and Kings Highway where the gas station was located. “Mayor Tovinsky stated we have not heard anything about the sale of that property.”

Image credit: Borough of Mt. Ephraim 2/3/2022 Commission Meeting Minutes

Ordinance 2022-05: Bond Ordinance Authorizing the Acquisition of Various Capital Equipment and Completion of Various Capital Improvements Appropriating the Sum of $939,000.

Ordinance 2022-06: 2022 Salary Ordinance.