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Introducing Beach Breaks: Teen Entrepreneur Launches On Demand Service to Give Parents a Break at Jersey Shore

Parents come to the shore to relax, and Beach Breaks allow you to do so in a safe, responsible, and guilt-free way, and come back to your kids recharged for whatever the day brings next.

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(Margate, New Jersey)—Matthew Moskow, a 16-year-old Harriton High School student launched Beach Breaks NJ on Father’s Day weekend this year.

Moskow created the small business to address the needs of harried parents and grandparents to allow them to simply relax at the beach.

Moskow was inspired to create the service after spending his 2020 and 2021 Summers teaching children the fundamentals of basketball in the Ventnor/Margate/Longport area.

For many of his younger clients, Matthew often noticed the same two trends “teaching” the children basketball often resulted in babysitting them on a basketball court, and while dropping the children off, regardless of the time of day, every parent he worked for was visibly tired. While picking them up, they looked and felt rejuvenated.

“It’s perhaps not a groundbreaking conclusion, but it was obvious to me that the best way for me to grow the basketball business was to focus on the fact that these parents, like my own, simply needed a break,” said Moskow. “Parents come to the shore to relax, and Beach Breaks allow you to do so in a safe, responsible, and guilt-free way, and come back to your kids recharged for whatever the day brings next.”

How It Works:

Moskow and his team of eight teen Beach Breakers will come to your beach with toys, games, and activities to keep your children occupied for as long or as short as desired.

Each Breakers have experience with children of all ages and are excited to give each child a unique and fun experience.

Breaks are available to groups of all sizes and available for children who are potty trained.

Parents schedule a Break a recommended 24 hours in advance by texting (610) 500-3380.

After scheduling the Break, parents will be directed to fill out a short questionnaire that helps the Breakers prepare for the visit and understand the parents’ rules.

Swimming is only allowed with the parents’ pre-approval.

Ice Cream treats can be purchased in advance. Breakers come with equipment and are ready to play.

Parents sit nearby while the child plays Spike Ball, soccer, chases bubble, or builds sand castles.

Parents use the time to rest, read, visit with friends, have cocktails or snacks, exercise, or swim in the ocean.

Grandparents have found the Breaks to be a great amenity to allow them to spend quality time with their adult children, while breakers supervise the grandchildren.

For little ones who prefer not to play at the beach, Beach Break activities can include:

  • Playground visits
  • Mini golf games at Congo Falls
  • Swimming at your pool
  • Visits to the area’s many ice cream parlors like Dairy Bar, Willow’s Way, Custard’s Last Stand or Two Cents Plain
  • Pizza at Jace’s or Zorros or burgers at Burger Bar
  • Basketball lessons
  • Crafts
  • Any other activity (within reason) that your child may enjoy

How to Book a Beach Break:

Complete the quick “Beach Breaks NJ Parent/Guardian Questionnaire” on the Beach Breaks website, and after you will receive a confirmation text from (610)-500 3380.

The website is

Text (610)-500 3380, where we will send you the form and answer any additional questions you may have.

All Breaks canceled within 24 hours of the session are non-refundable.

  • 1-Hour Session Prices:
  • 1 Child – $20
  • 2 Children – $30
  • 3 Children – $35
  • 4 Children – $40
  • 5 Children or more – $55

For more information or to book a break, please visit