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Event for STEAM Education; Gormley & Levine Families to be Honored Aug. 10 in Atlantic City

The Club will honor the Gormley & Levine Families at their 2nd Annual Community Celebration Event on August 10, 2022 from 5:00-7:30 p.m. on the Atlantic City Boardwalk at the Stockton University Courtyard.

The Gormley and Levine families meet with Club members currently enrolled in the STEAM Education program which their seed funding made possible. (Photo provided)

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The Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City believes in its next generation and is preparing the community’s ten thousand youth for the area’s industry diversification, which it believes is on the horizon.

Recognizing the modern economy and our virtual world, along with the pandemic’s impact on the hospitality industry, the Club and its supporters are placing bets on the technology arena, growing a work-ready pipeline of individuals from Atlantic City to be engineers, IT contractors, software developers and more.

The Boys & Girls Club did not go dormant during the pandemic. Not only did the Club open as a safe space for virtual school while Atlantic City’s School District remained closed, it opened a STEAM Lab at its Chelsea location.

The launch of a STEAM Lab was made possible by the philanthropic families of Senator Bill and Ginny Gormley, and Lee and Sandy Levine; both of whom provided seed funding to launch the operation, while also connecting CEO, Stephanie Koch, to Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives. Apple provided technical assistance and capacity development training to the Club, while also supplying iMacs, Sphero Robots, and iPads for youth to utilize on a daily basis.

The STEAM Lab opened in October 2020, hosting children during COVID, allowing them to have hands-on learning experiences that had never been provided to them before.

The outcomes have been transformative. Since 2020, the Club has been able to open a second STEAM Lab at its Drexel Avenue location, and a Pre-Apprenticeship Program within a Design Lab at its Teen Center, helping youth to become Apple Certified Pros and become masters in all Apple applications, along with building the capacity to maintain and update their specific hardware systems.

The Club is now operating the City’s STEAM Strategy, offering career exploration in technology across Atlantic City’s 48 blocks. Partnerships have grown beyond Apple to include Adobe, Google, the Forsythe Wildlife Refuge, Atlantic Offshores Wind, Comcast, and more.

The two couples have been friends for over 40 years and focused on their own separate charitable endeavors on Absecon Island and South Jersey. By chance, an introduction was made with BGCAC CEO Stephanie Koch.

Bill, Ginny, Lee and Sandy were so moved by the excellence of the organization that they came together for this joint effort.

The Club will honor the Gormley & Levine Families at their 2nd Annual Community Celebration Event on August 10, 2022 from 5:00-7:30 p.m. on the Atlantic City Boardwalk at the Stockton University Courtyard.

Guests can expect live music from Originaire Music and an upscale menu prepared by BGCAC Executive Chef Pam Green and the Club kids enrolled in the Hospitality Program.

The event is generously sponsored by DLA Piper and Atlantic Shores Offshores Wind.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please email or visit

About The Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City:

Founded in 1970, the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City is approaching its fiftieth year of making positive differences in the lives of the youth of Atlantic City.

In 1973, the club received a designation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and opened as a recreational center for boys, focused on basketball and boxing.

Today, the Club operates from three locations and is a beacon of light in Atlantic City.

It continues to stand tall as a safe haven for young people to visit every day. The Club is a place where a young person’s imagination can be kindled and their heart can be warmed.

It is a place where our next generation can explore careers and develop strategies for college. The Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City is a place where memories can be made, and futures begin.

The continuous program expansion reflects the Club’s understanding of the community’s needs and demonstrates their capabilities to implement envisioned opportunities in response to new challenges.

The focus is on closing the academic, social, and emotional achievement gaps for students of the Atlantic City area.

Simply put, the BGCAC’s impact is transformative to launching greater futures for the next generation.

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