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Boro of Bellmawr 2021 Audit Yields No Findings

The audit for the year ending December 31, 2021 yielded no findings.

The Borough of Bellmawr has uploaded the auditor’s report for the year ended December 31, 2021.

The audit was performed by Bowman and Company and yielded no findings.

Schedule of Financial Statement Findings: None

Screenshot taken from page 145 of the audit

Schedule of Federal Award Findings and Questioned Costs: N/A

Screenshot taken from page 146 of the audit

Schedule of State Financial Assistance Findings and Questioned Costs: None

Screenshot taken from page 147 of the audit

Prior Year Audit Findings and Recommendations as Prepared by Management

Finding No. 2020-001 indicated that the Borough did not process payroll in accordance with established guidelines.

The current status of this condition is resolved.

Finding No. 2020-002 showed that Borough had several interfund balances as of December 31.

The interfund balances between funds in the respective general ledgers were not in agreement prior to audit adjustments.

The current status is “substantially resolved.”

Screenshot taken from page 148 of the audit

To view the auditor’s report in its entirety, click the image below:

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