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Bellmawr All Wars Memorial Slated For Veterans Day Opening

Bellmawr’s All Wars Memorial on Creek Road is slated to be open for Veterans Day. The Public Works Department has made a commitment to have this project completed by then.

Bellmawr’s All Wars Memorial on Creek Road is slated to be open for Veterans Day, Councilman Steve Sauter said at Council’s September 28, 2017 meeting. The Public Works Department has made a commitment to have this project completed by then Sauter stated. Sprinklers, electrical conduits, and camera poles have been recently installed.

Councilman Ray Bider added: “The All Wars Memorial is moving along tremendously. A special thank you to Joe Ciano, Pat Gallagher, George Reinnles, Eric Beck, and all the men who’ve been working there. It is beautiful now and it’s only going to get better.”

Councilman Paul Sandrock said: “There has been some fantastic work that has been done in town. Most notably, the work that has been done on Creek Road and the basketball court. We are proud of that and obviously that pride shines on all the citizens.”

Mayor Frank Filipek stated: “It’s amazing what our people — along with the architects and others — did in putting it together. When you see it, you’ll be very proud of it. It will be a place for people to sit and enjoy themselves, and remember their parents or grandparents [who] were in the service.”

Boro Clerk Chuck Sauter Announces Retirement

Borough Clerk, Chuck Sauter, announced his retirement effective October 1st after serving the Borough of Bellmawr for 40 years.

Chuck Sauter Retirement

Mayor Frank Filipek responded to Sauter’s announcement by stating: “He remembers things that most people forget.”

He continued; “Chuck, you’re the only one in 35 years I never argued with. I don’t remember a time when you and I just had an argument. You did a great job for us. You’re just like Mr. Santa Claus. You’re always involved with the church and with the kids. You’re always involved in things. You’re just a people person. You did a great job for the Borough and you care. As mayor, I want to thank you for everything you did for my family and me. ”

Councilman Paul Sandrock said: “I wish Chuck Sauter well in his future endeavors, a lot of luck, and prosperity. Retirement is a tough decision to make. He’s served the municipality and we wish him well.”

Councilman Jamie Casey said: “It’s been great working with you over the last nine months. [There is] 40 years of experience there. Congratulations on your retirement.”

Councilman Jim D’Angelo stated: “Congratulations, Chuck. Retirement is a wonderful thing. Trust me. You’ll enjoy it. Best of luck with everything.”

Councilman Steve Sauter said: “Chuck, Congratulations. I known it’s been a hard decision, but it’s a great one. It’s been my honor working along with you. Your work ethic and your contributions to this town are unmeasured.”

Councilman Steve Hagerty offered his congratulations and said: “Thank you for everything.”

Councilman Ray Bider said: “I also echo what everybody has said. In the short time that I’ve been on Council, I am very thankful for the help that you’ve provided. Watching what you’ve done in the Borough for all organizations, all people, and going way beyond the call of duty to assure that your services are spread widely. Everyone is very grateful for your efforts.”

Committee Report Excerpts

Councilman Paul Sandrock

Councilman Sandrock stated that he is responsible to oversee Court. “In September, we’ve surpassed last year’s court case load. We have a lot of revenue being generated through our court system and we do want to acknowledge those workers who are doing a fantastic job.”

Councilman Jamie Casey

A few months ago, rabies shots were administered and nearly 48 pets received the shots through the town.

Councilman Jim D’Angelo

Councilman D’Angelo said: “The basketball courts are open on Creek Road and there has been an overwhelming response. We knew it was going to be well received, we didn’t quite think it was going to be that well received.”

He thanked Joe Ciano, Pat Gallagher, and all those who worked on that project and said that the Borough is waiting for gates to come in because it is a dawn to dusk park.

The Recreation Department continues to clean properties in town and also work on the softball fields for Bellmawr Girls Softball for fall ball, D’Angelo said.

As for the upcoming project at the Recreation Center where Bellmawr recently received a $50,000 grant to replace the basketball courts and playground equipment, D’Angelo stated that options are being considered for the playground equipment.

As for when the project will begin, D’Angelo said: “We’re on Public Works’ schedule, but we’re looking at late fall possibly early winter, depending on the weather.

Councilman Steve Sauter

Councilman Sauter said that the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) project on Vaughan Avenue with New Jersey American Water has been completed. New water mains were installed.

Our shared services projects are going smoothly in Mt. Ephraim and Hi Nella and everything else is going smoothly, he said.

Regarding the Bellmawr Community Garden, the original plans were changed a little bit.

Councilman Steve Hagerty

Councilman Hagerty said that EMS calls for the month were 293 calls and that the Fire Department answered 80 calls.

He also spoke about the concerns around the construction zone near St. Joachim. “There will be a cross walk at Ivy Ridge so kids will be able to cross on the north and south sides when different zones are being worked on. It will be a safer environment for them to walk through instead of the construction zone. There’ll be a crossing guard there – paid for by the DOT.”

Ivy Ridge Road Crosswalk
(All photos by SJO) Photo of the new cross walk at Ivy Ridge Road.

Hagerty also said that a full-time EMS position is available and has been posted. The new crossing guard position will be posted also.

Councilman Ray Bider

Councilman Bider said that the receptacle to collect old flags should be available shortly.

As for the Corrective Action Plan for the Borough’s Audit. “[It] was developed and submitted,” he said.

Bider stated that there were two corrections and both were completed in January. “One involved sales tax and making sure sales tax is not paid for regarding donations for the needy. The other involved some payroll issues that were corrected via best practices.”

2016 Borough of Bellmawr Corrective Action Plan

Mayor Frank Filipek

The new Bellmawr Batting Cages will be dedicated in memory of Tom Mitchell Sr. on October 4th at 6:00 p.m.

Mitchell was a former president of Bellmawr Baseball and former commissioner of Babe Ruth Baseball. He was a member of IAABO Board 34 Basketball Officials, Al Carino Boys Basketball Club, and the Independent Umpires Association. He was also a former treasurer and Councilman for the Borough of Bellmawr and was also an active member of St. Joachim Parish, Annunciation BVM Church for many years.

Mayor Filipek also spoke about the possibility of creating another dog park in town. “People have been running their dogs at Sauter Park and not following the rules. We haven’t decided where it’s going to go. The fences will all be donated by different people. So, it’s a good thing.”

As for the historic Hugg Harrison Glover House, Filipek stated he still hasn’t received the findings from the Governor’s office.

Public Portion

A resident expressed concerns about patrons leaving Dominic’s Tavern.

Another resident said that the Public Works Department is making progress and doing a great job on the road reconstruction project at Kingston and Leaf.

Agenda Items

All business on the meeting agenda was approved.

Resolution #09:220-17 — appointing Big Timber Junction, LLC as developer for the Borough of Bellmawr — was approved. Councilmen Sandrock, Hagerty and Bider voted yes. Councilmen Jamie Casey and Steve Sauter abstained and Councilman D’Angelo voted no.

Regarding Resolution #09:16-17 — first reading and introduction of an ordinance to create the Borough of Bellmawr Redevelopment Agency pursuant to the Local Redevelopment and Housing Law — the motion was approved. Voting yes were Councilmen Sandrock, Sauter, Hagerty, and Bider. Councilmen Jamie Casey and Jim D’Angelo voted no.

To view the meeting agenda along with all supporting Resolutions, click the image below.

Bellmawr Council September 26, 2017 Agenda

Regarding the bill list, Councilman Paul Sandrock abstained. Councilman Steve Sauter abstained regarding invoices relating to pest control.

Borough of Bellmawr September, 2017 Bill List

Council meets next on Thursday, October 19th at 5:00 p.m. for their caucus meeting and on Thursday, October 26th at 7:00 p.m. for their monthly meeting.