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Bellmawr Borough Administrator 2017 Appointment Approved

The 2017 appointment for the Borough Administrator position was approved by Bellmawr Council when the matter was brought to a re-vote during Council’s January 26 meeting.

When Council voted on January 6 during its reorganization meeting on Resolution 127:17, which is the appointment of Borough employees, boards, and commissions, there was a 3-3 tie as pertains to the appointment of the Borough Administrator.

The three Councilmen who voted in favor of the Borough Administrator appointment were: Councilmen Paul Sandrock, Steve Hagerty, and Ray Bider. The three no votes came from: Councilmen Jamie Casey, Jim D’Angelo, and Steve Sauter.

Because there weren’t enough votes to either approve or not approve this one particular appointment, the Resolution needed to be voted on again during Council’s January 26 meeting.

Mayor Frank Filipek was called upon to break the tie because Bellmawr is governed by a Borough form of government.

The re-vote took place during the old business portion of the meeting. Borough Clerk Chuck Sauter announced: “For clarification for the record, Resolution 127:17 [is the] appointment of Borough employees, boards, and commissions. [It was] voted on at the re-organization meeting held on January 6, 2017. The vote recorded was three yes and three no and I did not call upon Mayor Filipek for his vote. Therefore, for clarification, we need to vote on Resolution 127:17 –  appointment of Borough employees, boards, and commissions.”

Mayor Filipek asked: “Do you just need my vote, Chuck?”

Chuck Sauter responded: “No, we have to go through the whole [roll call]. When Sauter began to call for the vote, he was stopped for clarification by Councilman Jamie Casey who asked: What are we voting? Just the one position or are we doing the whole thing over again?”

Sauter responded: “All appointments. It was the appointment of Borough employees, boards, and commissions.”

The results of the roll call vote were as follows:

Paul Sandrock: “Abstain for family members that are on the appointment list. Yes for all others.”

Jamie Casey: “Just to reiterate, yes on every one. I am still not sold on the business administrator position as a whole. So, that’s going to be a no.”

Jim D’Angelo: “Yes on all positions with the exception of the business administrator position.”

Steve Sauter: “Yes with the exception I’d like to abstain on any family appointments, and no to full-time administrator position.”

Steve Hagerty: “Yes.”

Ray Bider: “Yes.”

Mayor Frank Filipek: “It’s an honor, yes.”

The motion carried this time around and Josh Tregear has been re-appointed to the Borough Administrator position for 2017.

Prior to the start of the meeting, Mayor Frank Filipek provided SJO with a copy of a document titled “Borough Administrator Accomplishments and Goals in 2016.”

The document can be viewed below.

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2 replies on “Bellmawr Borough Administrator 2017 Appointment Approved”

So for his huge salary, he had two accomplishments? Did he physically upgrade the I.T. infrastructure or write the software? Probably not. So here’s what a years salary got us. Pick up the phone, call vendors, ask for bids for the work then take credit for the accomplishment. I thought when they created this position last year he was to save the Borough money by working on grants and other goodies Trenton doles out.

Now, for the vote. Mr. Sauter has been our Administrator for years. You mean to tell us he forgot what to do for a tie.I call B.S.! Someone switched their vote, plain and simple.Through the whole thing off balance at the re-organization.

I applaud Bellmawr for bringing in someone to upgrade the Borough Hall. Its much needed. As for the vote, Charles Sauter can’t answer emails … he doesn’t even know how to use a computer and his office is a horders heaven… you dont think he can mess up a vote? He works in the courts conference room cause hes so messed up. Retire please!

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