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Bellmawr Council Voted to Settle Lawsuit During Exec Session

During its March 17 Executive Session, the Bellmawr Borough Council voted to approve the lawsuit filed against them by John Paff for violations of the Open Public Meetings Act.

One of the mandates of the Open Public Meetings Act N.J.S.A. 10:4-13 as it pertains to closed or Executive Sessions is that the governing body is limited to discussion or deliberation only. All formal actions must be made in the open, regardless of subject matter.

The Executive Minutes were provided in response to an OPRA request and show that Bellmawr Borough Council discussed and voted to settle the lawsuit during the March 17 Executive Session.

I was at the March 17 Caucus Meeting when the Bellmawr Council went into Executive Session. I waited until I was advised that the Executive Session was over. When I came back into the conference room, Mayor Filipek asked me if I had any questions. I asked if there were any actions taken and I was told no.

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Screengrab showing a portion of my March 17 article


Click here to read the article about the settled Open Public Meetings lawsuit.

Click below to see the Resolution authorizing the Executive Session and to see a record of the vote that was taken during the closed session:

March 17 Executive Session Minutes


4 replies on “Bellmawr Council Voted to Settle Lawsuit During Exec Session”

Liar, liar, pants on fire. What a joke he is…and he thinks we’re all foolish enough to buy it. This man has been in local government long enough to know what he’s doing wrong, but he keeps doing it anyway. Why does he behave like we don’t have the right to know?

So the 2 councilmen (Bider and Spector) that want to keep their seats in November were at that meeting. And they both said they believe in “open government” or do you think that just means opening day”?

It is a shame what Bellmawr has become. We will soon be little Camden. Our median income has dropped and section 8 housing has gone up. The mountain of dirt at Bellmawr Disney grows larger every day. Yet the town meetings are empty! Frank and all the council members laugh at the citizens of this town as they become wealthier from bribes and kickbacks. The voting is a joke as Frank has the Indian population in his pocket and they all come out to vote for him. The large complex by the municipal building are Frank’s peace of mind that he will never lose an election. It is a disgrace!

I been saying that for years, but the people still vote for him. Maybe they are afraid of change. We need fresh faces. And ideals to bring Bellmawr back.

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