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Bellmawr Recreation Enhancement Waterfront Access Project Nears Completion

The Bellmawr Recreation Enhancement Waterfront Access project (on Creek Road and across from Larc School) is nearing completion.

The Bellmawr Recreation Enhancement Waterfront Access project — on Creek Road and across from Larc School — is nearing completion.

At Council’s August 24, 2017 monthly meeting, Councilman Steve Sauter said that the work is being performed utilizing Highway Department personnel who are working along with SealMaster.

Sauter said: “We perform all the labor and SealMaster supplies all of the equipment, material, and the knowledge on how to get this done. They are using thermoplastic material. It is working out really well.”

He also stated that the area will also be nicely landscaped. “We are looking into obtaining quotes for an irrigation system so that once we do expend those funds to make it look nice, we want to keep it looking nice.”

Mayor Filipek added that trees will also be planted there.

Councilman Ray Bider said the veterans’ memorial is still being worked on. Plans include an All War Memorial and for each branch of the military to be represented.

The goal is for the memorial to open on Veterans Day with a ceremony, he said.

Continuing with his committee report, Councilman Sauter said that under Public Works, the Salem Avenue project was completed in July and that Hart Avenue reconstruction was completed on August 11.

“The Vaughn Avenue project that was slated to begin is on hold due to American Water replacing the water main to the homes on Vaughn,” Sauter said. “Our concrete and asphalt work is back about a month.” Because of that, the Kingston and Leaf Avenue project is also on hold.

As for the line striping and painting in the middle section of town, which goes from the Black Horse Pike to Route 42, Sauter said that is nearly compete. “That went well and was headed up by Mike Williams, who does a fantastic job for us.”

Shared services projects are slated for Mt. Ephraim, Runnemede, and Hi Nella. “Shared services agreements are really working out well for us in helping to reduce our taxes,” Sauter said.

With regard to the water tank replacement project on Warren Avenue, Sauter said: “That is estimated to be completed and operating by the end of the year, weather permitting. We will keep everybody apprised of that.”

Warren Avenue Water Tank
Photo by SJO taken of the Warren Avenue Water Tank replacement project taken August 27, 2017. The new water tank will be built adjacent to the old one. Once the new tank is fully constructed and operational, the old tank will be removed.

Councilman Paul Sandrock

“Our Court and our Court Administrator [Amanda Cubbler] have been doing a fantastic job,” Sandrock said. “There has been an increase in the amount of court cases that the municipality has been hearing and that is due to our new officers are more aggressive and of course, the aggressiveness of our code enforcement for our property maintenance that is occurring here throughout the municipality.”

He stated that a lot of court cases have been heard in front of the judge, which increases the volume. “They’ve been handling that very well and doing a fantastic job,” he said.

Councilman Jamie Casey

Councilman Casey stated that the Borough’s Building and Lands Department will be entering into a shared services agreement with Audubon Park. “This is a great way and keeps our guys busy, makes us money, and helps out other towns. It’s another example of how Bellmawr helps the County with shared services,” he said.

Mayor Frank Filipek

Councilman Jim D’Angelo was absent from the meeting and Mayor Filipek gave the report for the Recreation Department.

“The batting cages are almost finished,” Mayor Filipek stated. “It is nice and huge. The kids are going to enjoy it.”

He hopes that it will be open in the middle of September.

The Mayor added: “We got donations for the balls and the machines. Everything is ready to go. Josh Tregear [Borough Administrator] did a good job working with the state getting everything finalized and making sure everything is up to par and up to State regulations,” Filipek stated.

He also spoke about the Summer Rec program. “I’ve been getting nothing but raves about our Summer Rec program. People can’t believe that a town like Bellmawr does what we do for the kids… hiring 60 kids in the summertime for five weeks.”

All the kids go for free. It’s a very good program and went well, Filipek stated.

He thanked the Recreation Department for maintaining the fields and stated: “We have been working on different ideas on how to utilize the Little League building.”

Councilman Steve Hagerty

Bellmawr Park Fire Department is continuing their membership drive. If anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer fireman, they can stop by the firehouse. Updates are posted on their Facebook page. 

For the Police Department, Hagerty said that patrols will be boosted around the schools to make sure everyone is aware of the drop-off and pick-up areas.

Councilman Ray Bider

As for finance and the audit, Bider stated that the Best Practices Worksheet is due in October will hopefully be done in September, he said. “Bottom line, we need to achieve around 80% or higher to receive the entire portion of State Aid. Last year, we were around 90%. This year, we are looking to hopefully be in that same range. Most [municipalities] are in the low 80s.”

Bider spoke about working with the auditors to try to further expand shared services with surrounding communities. “Not just in the areas that Steve [Sauter] mentioned, but also in some others. Hopefully, we will have some good news for you.”

Bider commented on recently passed legislation concerning veterans that involves the appeals process and also the building of new medical centers.

During the public portion, a resident commented about trash, water bottles, and rocks from a contractor doing work. Another resident asked to see if there was any assistance available to help with mosquitoes.

Agenda Items

All business on Council’s agenda was approved, with the exception of Resolutions #08-191-17 and #08-192-17, which were tabled. (Click the image below to view the meeting agenda with all supporting Resolutions.)

Bellmawr Council August 24, 2017 AgendaThere were two add-on items not listed on the printed agenda, but were read aloud, voted on and approved:

  • 08-194-17, which authorizes the proper officers of the Borough of Bellmawr to execute a deed of vacation from the Borough of Bellmawr for Block 55 lot 3 to the State of New Jersey Department of Transportation.
  • 08-195-17, which authorizes a shared services agreement by and between Audubon Park and Borough of Bellmawr relative to maintenance services at the Audubon Park old school building to be provided by the Borough of Bellmawr.

The bill list was also approved, but Councilman Paul Sandrock abstained.

Bellmawr Council August 24, 2017 bill list

Finally, Ordinance #07-15-17 second reading, public reading and final adoption Salary Ordinance for the Borough of Bellmawr was approved, but Councilman Sandrock voted no.

2017 Bellmawr Salary Ordinance

Council meets next for its caucus meeting on Thursday, September 21 at 5:00 p.m Council’s regular monthly meeting will be Thursday, September 28 at 7:00 p.m.

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This is all positive news.. I hope the Council has plans to consider the safety issues of the children walking through the construction zone back and forth to Bell Oaks/Bellmawr Park Schools. It’s difficult for adults!! Thanks for all the hard work and dedication to the Boro workers!!!

It is so awesome to see all the activity at the new basketball courts on Creek Road – one of the things that makes it so nice to live in Bellmawr – their recreation parks and activities give kids a place to hang out and have good clean fun!

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