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Bellmawr Restricts Left Turns Out Of & Into Royal Farms’ Driveway

In preparation for the new Royal Farms store that is slated to be built at the closed Walgreens site, Bellmawr Council passed a Resolution at its December 13 meeting restricting left turns out of and into the Royal Farms’ driveway on the Black Horse Pike.

The left turn restriction was required by the State, explained Borough engineer, Tom Cundey, at the December 12 Caucus meeting. “Since the site fronts on the Black Horse Pike, the State required as part of Royal Farms’ conditions, that the Borough pass a Resolution restricting left turns out of and into the site from the driveway on the Black Horse Pike.”

Bellmawr Royal Farms
All Photos by SJO. Bellmawr Council passed a Resolution restricting left turns out of and into the Royal Farms driveway. In an effort to obtain updated information about the status of the Bellmawr site, SJO emailed Royal Farms and as of the date of this posting, hasn’t heard back. SJO will continue to provide any information about the Bellmawr Royal Farms as confirmed information becomes available.

At the Magnolia site on the White Horse Pike, St. Gregory’s Church and school have been leveled to make way for the construction of the new Royal Farms there.

Royal Farms Magnolia
Photos by SJO. (Above and below) St. Gregory’s Church and School in Magnolia have been leveled to make way for the new Royal Farms that will be built there.

Public Portion

Concerns About Royal Farms & Neighboring Property

Walnut Avenue resident, Mary Tanealian, of Walnut Avenue had several concerns. She is upset that when Royal Farms does open, traffic coming out of the Walnut Avenue driveway will allow lights to shine into her house. She is also worried about additional noise and trash. Tanealian asked about Royal Farms installing a privacy fence.

She also spoke about the conditions of a neighboring property, called it a mess, and added that there are issues with dumpsters.

Councilman Paul Sandrock responded by saying Royal Farms came back to the Zoning Board with its final site plan within the last two weeks. “That has been done and they agreed to put the privacy fence and they have agreed to move the driveway all the way up to make accommodations so people can go out on Walnut Avenue.”

Regarding the conditions of the neighboring property, Sandrock said that the property had been vacated because of a house fire. He stated that he went to the property for the rodent problem, walked around, and made direct phone calls to the Health Department.

Additionally, Sandrock stated that he took photographs, forwarded them to the Borough’s Code Official and asked him to address the issues.

Subsequent to the Council meeting, SJO emailed Councilman Sandrock to see if there were any additional updates regarding the Walnut Avenue situation. He spoke with Tanealian following the Council meeting and said he again contacted the code official about those issues.

Explanation Requested Regarding Council’s Resolutions

Robert Baxter also addressed Mayor and Council regarding explanations for the Resolutions that Council votes on. “Some of the Resolutions aren’t cut and dry and one sentence could explain them. It would let the people in the room know so we can understand. I would just like a better understanding.”

Mayor Filipek responded: “You can ask which ones you have questions about. That is why we have an open portion. So if you have a question about a Resolution, we will answer.”

Baxter said he had a question with regard to Resolution #12:237:16, which authorized Salem County Improvement Authority as a site for secondary disposal of solid waste. Baxter asked: “Do our people have to go to Salem to empty a trash truck?”

Filipek responded: “Yes, because we try to save the taxpayers money. It is cheaper [for tonnage fees] than going to Pennsauken or Camden.”

Borough Administrator Josh Tregear added that the Resolutions are posted on prior to the meeting and also that the Resolutions provide more detail than the agenda.

Easement Dispute & Possible Stop Sign

Shane Mertz spoke about ongoing issues he has with a neighbor. Those issues include an easement dispute and also an overgrown bush. He stated that he is going to try to work out the issues with his neighbor. Mertz also asked about the status of the three way stop sign he previously requested and what the next step will be. Filipek stated that the police are going to report back on that issue.

Public Works Garage Project Out for Bid

In other matters, the Borough recently advertised an Invitation to Bid for the Borough’s Public Works Garage on Creek and Kaar Roads. At its September meeting, Council awarded the contract to South Jersey Technology Partnership (SJTP) for the roof replacement in the amount of $134,200.

Invitation to Bid – Garage Roof

When asked for clarification as to why the project was going out for bid, Borough Administrator, Josh Tregear, provided the following response via email: “The Borough approved the proposal to move forward with SJTP on the public works garage roof in September, but SJTP has passed on the job until further notice. So, the Borough will put the job out for bid, and will re-evaluate the project based on the bid packages received after the New Year.”

Bellmawr Waterfront Development Project Management Meetings to Start

Tregear also gave a brief update at the December 12 Caucus meeting regarding the Bellmawr Waterfront Development project by stating that regular meetings for project management coordination will be scheduled every other Friday beginning in the New Year.

“The project management team will initially consist of myself and [Borough Solicitor] Bob Messick on behalf of the Borough and stakeholders from Bellmawr Waterfront Development for the re-development project,” Tregear wrote via email.

Council Approves Agenda Items

All business on Council’s agenda was approved.

December 13 Council Meeting Agenda & Resolutions

Council approved the payment of bills for December. (Councilman Sandrock abstained.)

December 2016 Bill Resolution

Council also finally adopted Ordinance #11:19-16, which amended the salary ordinance for the Borough of Bellmawr. Josh Tregear previously explained that there were no discrepancies in employee pay. The ordinance that was initially published was not accurate and this corrects what was initially published. (Councilmen Sandrock and D’Angelo abstained).

Council also awarded a contract in the amount of $24,000 from January 1, 2017-December 31, 2017 to the Animal Welfare Society of Camden County for the animal holding facility.

Council’s Next Meeting

Council meets next for its re-organization meeting on Friday, January 6 at 7:00 p.m. in the Courtroom of Borough Hall. At that meeting, Ray Bider and Jamie Casey will be sworn in as Councilmen.

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You were at the council meeting in December when I complained about the empty lot next door to me at 18 Walnut which is zoned residential being used as a parking lot, dumpster location and driveway. Well this morning, the dumpster took out the transformer for our street. We are now without power thanks to the ignorance of our city council to this problem. Yesterday I had to call NJAWC to replace the water meter lid on that property because the trucks destroyed it. Let’s see if you post this.

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