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Bellmawr School District Seeks Proposals For Demography Consultant For Possible Re-districting and/or Re-alignment of Boundary Lines For School Assignment

Proposals for a Demography Consultant are being sought to conduct a demographic study of the Borough of Bellmawr.

The Bellmawr School District is seeking proposals from qualified respondents for a Demography Consultant to conduct a demographic study of the Borough with regard to future enrollment and potential impacts of re-districting and/or re-alignment of boundary lines for school assignment.

On September 24, 2021, we reached out to School Business Administrator/Board Secretary, Patrick Doyle, for clarification and he responded within minutes.

Mr. Doyle wrote: “We’re not moving full steam ahead with any redistricting just yet, we’re just having someone do the analysis so that we can then present to the Board and community with regard to our options so that we can decide if we want to pursue any changes.”

Mr. Doyle indicated that one of the district’s main goals this year has been to reduce class size, “which is why we have brought on additional teachers in specific grades, but one of the limiting factors to continue achieving that goal is space, particularly in the elementary schools.”

“So we want to conduct the study in order to see where enrollment in headed into the future, and specifically, if either (1) moving the boundary line of Bell Road for assigning students to Burke vs. Park makes the class size and space more equitable, or (2) if alternatively moving to a grade-based model would better achieve that goal (something like grades PK-2 at Park and grades 3-4 at Burke), or (3) even perhaps neither option produces anything worthwhile.

Once the proposals are opened on October 6, 2021, Mr. Doyle indicated: “You’ll see the discussion and recommendation to do so on the next month’s agenda (10/16). We’ve discussed it at several meetings in conjunction with the potential referendum that has been put on hold, but it will be a main topic at the October meeting as I mentioned.”

“Once the contract is awarded and the study is conducted, it would be presented at a regular public board meeting to determine what, if any, solution makes sense for the administration and Board to pursue. If there is a consensus, we’d then move forward with public and parent meetings to allow for ample input and feedback from all stakeholders before any firm decision was made moving forward.”

To view the Request for Proposal, click the image below: