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Sept. 16, 2019 Bellmawr Waterfront Development – Brownfields Development Area Steering Committee Presentation

The Boro of Bellmawr and the Bellmawr Redevelopment Agency hosted a Brownsfield Development Area Steering Committee meeting to provide updates on the environmental remediation and redevelopment efforts.

On September 16, 2019, the Borough of Bellmawr and the Bellmawr Redevelopment Agency hosted a Brownfields Development Area (BDA) Steering Committee meeting. Updates on the environmental remediation and redevelopment efforts were provided.


  • Landfill Operations were from 1962-1979

History – Brownfield Designation

  • Landfills closed in 1982 with two-three feet of soil cover. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined this area was not a Superfund site in the mid-1980s.
  • By 2004, it was recognized that the landfill was poorly maintained. There was ponding on site, trash exposure, and leachate discharge into Big Timber Creek.
  • By 2006, it was discovered that old storm water pipes were failing and in danger of collapse.
  • The Bellmawr Waterfront Development, LLC, (BWD) and the Borough of Bellmawr coordinated with Municipal, County, and State officials to create a plan to fully remediate and properly close the landfills.

Since then, BWD has accomplished:

  • 100% remediation of Phase I: 54 acres
  • 98% remediation of Phase II: 27 acres
  • 90% remediation of Phase III (Borough property): 28 acres.

Current Status:

  • Phase I NJDEP Remedial Action Permit for Soil has been submitted for approval.
  • Tidelands Grant Application has been submitted for approval.
  • Planning for access roadway is underway.
  • Planning for public walking trail is underway.

NJDOT Progress Report:

Bellmawr Waterfront Development, LLC, and the Borough of Bellmawr continue to coordinate efforts with NJDOT, Camden County, and Deptford Township regarding:

  • NJDOT’s Missing Moves project
  • NJDOT’s Creek Road and Route 42 Connector Project

Tidelands Progress Report:

  • NJDEP – Tidelands Bureau has requested that Bellmawr Waterfront Development (BWD) and Bellmawr Borough bifurcate (divide) the overall Tidelands Grant Application.
  • BWD will apply for the major grant adjacent to Phases I and II.
  • Bellmawr Borough will apply for a minor grant for several very small areas within the Borough’s Phase III property.

Waterfront Park Progress Report

  • BWD has been meeting with the Borough Select Park Committee, as well as with the Borough and the Bellmawr Redevelopment Agency’s legal, engineering, planning, and traffic professionals, who are all working together to finalize the park plan.
  • The park will be a waterfront, natural park, with public access to the waterfront. It will also have a walking trail, nature overlooks, benches, exercise stations, and shade structures.
  • Park plans are nearing completion and BWD anticipates meeting soon with the Select Park Committee to finalize the park design.
  • Once the plans are finalized, the permitting process can begin. This will involve NJDEP permits, County permits, and also the Planning Boards in both Bellmawr and Deptford.
  • BWD will construct the park at its own expenses as a component of the redeveloper’s obligations under the Redevelopment Agreement.
  • If the park plans and the Redevelopment Agreement are approved this fall, park construction can begin next spring, and could be completed by fall, 2020.

Redevelopment Process Progress Report

  • BWD, Big Timber Junction, LLC (the “Redeveloper”), Bellmawr Borough, and the Bellmawr Redevelopment Agency continue to work together diligently and cooperatively to prepare for the next phase — Redevelopment.
  • BWD anticipates formally executing Redevelopment Documents with the Borough and the Bellmawr Redevelopment Agency very soon.
  • BWD is confident that we can bring commercial redevelopment to at least some portions of the site in the future. As with any landfill remediation project, geotechnical and soil stability concerns remain.” [Emphasis supplied]
  • Geotechnical conditions may limit the type of construction upon the site. [Emphasis supplied]
  • NJDOT site access issues also remain. End users will require the Creek Road to 42 Connector Road to be eventually constructed.
  • Deptford Township continues to support redevelopment efforts. However, Deptford has expressed its commitment to BWD and Mayor Chuck Sauter “to do no harm to existing area retail businesses, and in particular, the Deptford Mall.”
  • BWD will comply with the requirements of both Bellmawr and Deptford.

The update and meeting were presented by:

  • Gary Brown, P.E., L.S.R.P., RT President
  • Jennifer Berg, RT Project Manager
  • Donald Nogowski, Esquire, Redevelopment Counsel

To view the meeting presentation, click the image below:

SJO video of the meeting:

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