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Bellmawr Waterfront Development Update

Prior to the council meeting tonight, there was a meeting in the Borough Hall courtroom about the Bellmawr Waterfront Development.

When Mayor Frank Filipek opened the regular meeting, he said: “It is 95-98% complete. The only thing we are waiting for is the traffic study from the DOT and then it can finally be redeveloped.”

SJO obtained a copy of the updated pictures and maps.

Click below to see the documents:

Bellmawr Waterfront Development BDA & Steering Committee April 28, 2016

*Article updated to indicate that SJO was not aware there was a meeting concerning the Bellmawr Waterfront Development and was not in attendance for that meeting.

One reply on “Bellmawr Waterfront Development Update”

For such an important meeting to the town, why wasn’t the public or the press invited. This is why people are skeptical of this whole project: The project involved a decade of constant dump trucks rolling through town dumping dirt in the landfill and on Creek Road with only one or two town meetings during that time. The information given in the meeting turned out to be either wrong or incomplete (Bass pro shops, solar farm) for example never came to pass. Communication during the whole process other than those rare town halls was non-existent. The websites of the project developer given at the last town meeting “for more information” was off-line the entire time. It was extremely poor planning and a major inconvenience to the people in town to continue accepting a mountain of landfill, and siphoning the towns treated water to spray on the dirt during the State DOT project. This is why most people in town are skeptics.

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