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Bellmawr Zoning Board Approves Liquor Mart Sign

During the April 19 Bellmawr Zoning Board meeting, the Board voted to approve the new sign at the Liquor Mart.

In March, the applicant, Sudip Patel, came before the Zoning Board seeking to replace the current illuminated broken sign with the addition of a blinking sign 48″X24″.


At that meeting, the Zoning Board members questioned Patel as to lumens brightness (LED), but he could not answer the question and he requested a continuance until April 19 to allow for additional testimony.

The minutes from the April 19 meeting state that the manufacturer, a Mr. Smith, gave general descriptions of the existing sign and the replacement sign.

Smith said: “The replacement sign [is a] six foot light box with a new box and a tri-color LED message reader underneath that box, which is approximately 40 inches by 15 inches in size. Both the light box on top and the message reader are double sided.”

Zoning Board member, Ken Murray, questioned the lumens and the effects on residents living in the area.

Mr. Smith stated: “This is one of those smaller, less intense tri-color displays.” He further explained that that the display isn’t measured in lumens but what is referred to as ‘nits.’

“This display will have around 5,000 nits. The display is less bright than the main box. The brightness is fully adjustable,” he said.

During the public portion, Kathleen Mulligan stated concerns about “there being a lot of signs and banners on the building.”┬áPaul Swindell expressed concerns about plastic and cardboard signs at the building around onto hearby properties and that “the owner of the liquor store doesn’t come pick them up.”

Patel was questioned by his attorney and Patel agreed to no cardboard signs at the building. He also indicated he would comply with the Borough code concerning colors and that the sign will be turned off when the store closed.

When the matter was brought to a vote, it passed unanimously, but with conditions outlined by the board solicitor, Patrick McAndrew.

Among those conditions were: The lights on the sign will be turned off when the store closes at 10:00 p.m. The lights will not be flashing and cardboard signs on the site will be removed. There will be no color restrictions as long as the colors are in compliance with Borough Code. Solicitor McAndrew also clarified, and Patel agreed, that there would be no temporary banner type signs, only permanent signs.

The Zoning Board had a second case on its agenda. That case involved a denial of an application for non-compliance.

Jon Levings of Oakland Avenue sought relief due to family growth, lack of storage, and no basement. He stated that his house doesn’t currently have any storage besides a small attic. He requested a garage for additional storage and living space above the garage.

The minutes indicate that the addition above the garage will be a master bedroom. The garage will be used mainly for storage. The height of the addition above the garage will match the existing house height of 18 feet. The rear of the garage will house a small utility room. The porch extension will be a covered porch.

No one from the public spoke for or against the case. A motion was made and unanimously approved to grant the variance.

The Zoning Board minutes from April 19 are below.

April, 2016 Zoning Board Minutes