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Bellmawr Zoning Board OK’s Shed

Having previously denied an applicant’s permit for non-compliance with Ordinance, the Bellmawr Zoning Board approved it after the applicant’s case was heard on appeal.

A Park Drive resident applied to install a 10′ x 20′ storage shed with an approximate height of 14′ 4″.

The May 17, 2016 minutes address the flooding history between Larc School and the rear yards along Park Drive. The applicant stated he is unable to put the storage shed, which he purchased from somewhere similar to Backyard Storage Sheds, in the rear corner of his yard due to the possibility of flooding. He proposed locating the shed 6″ from the side yard property line. The utility shed will be utilized for personal use only and not for living space or commercial use, according to the minutes.

The Board asked about the flooding situation behind the applicant’s house and if the existing shed, which is on the opposite side of the house, has ever gotten water.

The applicant explained that the existing shed has gotten water, which is why he requested that the storage shed be approved in the area on the side of his house away from the rear yard looking for something similar to these 10×20 storage sheds for storage space. The applicant stated his house is the last house before [Sauter] Park and that there are no neighbors on the proposed shed side.

The applicant was questioned about the requested height of 14′ instead of the permitted 12′ and he responded that this will allow for additional storage.

The Zoning/Construction Official, Jim Burleigh, stated he examined the plans for the shed and has no problems with the placement of the shed or the requested 14′ height. Burleigh also stated the shed will be built conforming to all Uniform Construction Codes.

When the matter was brought to a vote, it passed 5-2 on roll call.

View the Zoning Board’s Minutes below:

Zoning Board Minutes 5-17-16

*Article revised 6/23/2015 12:50 p.m.

*Article updated on 6/30/2016 to include the variance that the Boro approved:

2016 Robb Variance Resolution