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Brooklawn Planning Board Continues Wawa Application Until July 12; Reviews Land Use Ordinances

The Brooklawn Planning Board reviewed various Ordinances regarding a new WaWa and also Ordinances to amend the Boro’s Land Use Code to add limited breweries, a/k/a “craft breweries.”

The Brooklawn Planning Board met tonight for the purpose of reviewing various Ordinances related to the construction of a new Wawa convenience store at the site of the Metro Diner. The hearing on that application was continued until Wednesday, July 12 at 7:00 p.m.

The Board also reviewed Ordinances that would amend the Borough Code for land use to add limited breweries, which are also known as “craft breweries.” The purpose of this Ordinance is to define “limited breweries” within the Land Use Regulations in the Code of the Borough of Brooklawn.

SJO will request copies of all the Ordinances that were reviewed during the Planning Board meeting and will post the information as soon as it is received.

Below is the meeting agenda.

Brooklawn Planning Board