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Environmental Remediation of Bellmawr Waterfront Development Site Nearly Complete

“The environmental remediation of the waterfront development site is nearly complete, with just some top-cap remaining, explained Josh Tregear, when SJO recently asked for an update. “This will be further updated and expounded upon at the next Brownfield Development Area Steering Committee Meeting, tentatively scheduled for late September/early October.”

Mr. Tregear, the Executive Director of the Bellmawr Redevelopment Authority, continued: “Once the remediation is complete and we have all of the necessary approvals from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ-DEP), development may commence on the waterfront park and nature trail. Of course, the necessary agreements will need to be finalized among all of the stakeholders (Borough, redeveloper, and redevopment agency), as well, which is also approaching the end stages.”

Bellmawr Waterfront Development
Sign on the Creek Road side of the property announcing the proposed major disposal of Green Acres Land and a public hearing that was set to take place in 2010.
(SJO photo)