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GHS Students Awarded College Scholarships

GLOUCESTER CITY, N.J. – Four 9th graders from Gloucester City Junior-Senior High School have been awarded full scholarships to Rowan University, Montclair State University, The College of New Jersey, or Saint Peter’s University by the Give Something Back Foundation (GSBF). The announcement was made to the students on April 15 by GSBF, a nonprofit organization that provides mentors and scholarships to help Pell Grant-eligible kids go to college and graduate in four years debt free.

The recipients of the Give Something Back Foundation scholarship from Gloucester City High School were: Anieli Colon, Emily Petrik, Brook Byrnes, and Umaya Islam.

At the May 10 Gloucester City Board of Education (BOE) meeting, GHS Anieli Colon, Umaya Islam, Brook Byrnes, and Emily Petrik were congratulated by Gloucester City Junior-Senior High School Principal, Sean Gorman, and the BOE for being awarded college scholarships from the Give Something Back Foundation.

Each Gloucester City High School student completed the GSBF application process, which included attending a family information meeting, completing a College Cost Estimator as well as an extensive online application, obtaining school and community recommendations, and participating in in-person interviews in order to be eligible for the scholarship.

During the May 10 monthly Board of Education (BOE) meeting, GHS Principal Sean Gorman congratulated the students and spoke of the application process that they went through. He said: “As long as they see through the things that they need to in high school, they can go to Rowan, the College of New Jersey, Montclair State, or St. Peter’s University at zero cost to them and their families. This totals nearly a half-million dollars that was given to these four students.”

Gorman continued: “I worked in the Guidance office for many years and have worked with families that are always wrestling with that worry of getting into college and then having to pay for it. For these students and their families to have that payment part already taken care of, is just astounding and an amazing accomplishment on behalf of the students. I can say with full confidence that the scholarship committee couldn’t have chosen four better students. This is certainly impressive what these four have done.”

GSBF was established through the generosity of Bob Carr, founder of Princeton, NJ-based Heartland Payment Systems. Carr received a $250 scholarship grant from the Lockport Woman’s Club in Illinois in 1963 when he was accepted as a student at the University of Illinois, and he vowed someday he would “give back” when he was able. His foundation partners with high schools and colleges in Illinois, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. The program has provided scholarships and mentoring for hundreds of students.

The Gloucester City High School 9th graders are among GSBF’s inaugural class in New Jersey.

Students must maintain a B average throughout high school, participate in a mentoring program, and attend GSBF-sponsored workshops to continue in the program. As seniors, students must complete the FAFSA and be accepted into GSBF’s partner colleges. The GSBF is very excited to provide this opportunity and is working to expand its college partnerships and opportunities for students.

GSBF is currently recruiting volunteer mentors for its 9th graders at Gloucester City High School.

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About Give Something Back Foundation

GSBF works with high school administrators and community leaders to select ninth graders who show academic promise and whose family income level qualifies them to receive a Federal Pell Grant.

The goal of GSBF is to help students who may not have considered college an achievable option to get the guidance they need to complete a college degree in four years, debt free.

GSBF pairs selected students with trained adult mentors who support the students through the challenges of high school years at home and in the classroom, thus preparing them for the rigors of a four-year college education. Mentors help students navigate the process of college admissions and GSBF provides its high school graduates with a scholarship for tuition, room and board at one of its partner universities and colleges.

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