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Glendora’s Larry’s Cold Cuts Under New Ownership

The new owner is Richie Forline, former head cook at the Rail, the Vault, and other local establishments.

Larry’s Cold Cuts, located at 418 Black Horse Pike, in Glendora has recently undergone an ownership change, and the new owner is Richie Forline, former head cook at the Rail in Barrington, the Vault in Runnemede, and several other local establishments.

Forline recently took ownership of the deli and says he looks forward “to getting back to cooking for all of his friends and family and doing what he loves.”

To Forline, all of his customers are his “friends.” He looks forward to seeing all of his old friends and meeting new ones at Larry’s.

In addition to offering Larry’s long-time customer favorites – hoagies, steaks, and Gia’s Potato Salad, also being served up are Richie’s famous homemade meatballs and signature homemade soups – Italian Wedding Soup and Pasta Fagioli, with more menu options soon to follow.

Larry’s Cold Cuts is located at:
418 Black Horse Pike #1441, Glendora, NJ 08029
Phone: (856) 939-0110

To view Larry’s menu, click the image below:

Updated 3/16/2021 at 6:06 p.m.; 8/20/2021 at 11:40 a.m.

Full disclosure: Richie Forline is the brother-in-law of Anne Forline, the publisher and editor of South Jersey Observer.

2 replies on “Glendora’s Larry’s Cold Cuts Under New Ownership”

This explains why I won’t go back to Larry’s Deli again! I ordered one Tarantini panzarotti last week and was told 25 minutes which is bullshit. They just drop it in deep fryer if you just want a cheese panzarotti which I did. I knew if I went there in 25 minutes it would be ice cold! I was not far from Larry’s when I ordered so I went around 15 minutes later. The guy behind the counter answered the phone, took cash, and cut lunchmeat! The one guy responded as soon as I walked in and put the panzarotti on the counter right next to the register where the guy was and said this is for John. The guy at the register went to the slicer and proceeded to cut lunchmeat and I’m standing there waiting to just pay for my panzarotti and go home! After a few minutes I says to the guy can I pay for my panzarotti please? He says oh I didn’t know! I said the guy put it one the counter and said for John. He rings me up takes my money gives change and then proceeds to finish cutting lunchmeat! No gloves no nothing! I’ll never go back there, they probably don’t wash their hands after going potty either! Disgusting! The Vault was a dirty place too!

hey i believe i have known John in the past.if it is him . Disregard what he says,this is a personal attack. give Larry’s a try If I am right . You will go back again

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