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NFL Player Haason Reddick Is Winning Big On And Off The Field

The Philadelphia Eagles defensive player, who was named NFC Defensive Player of the week in October, has recently invested in a clean energy drink, R7 Energy.

Photo credit: Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker, Haason Reddick has proven that he’s a man of many talents. The defensive player, who was named NFC Defensive Player of the week in October, has recently invested in a clean energy drink, R7 Energy.

The energy drink is fuel formulated for every day and packed with everything you need to keep reaching new heights and keep setting higher goals, just like Reddick has been doing in the NFL.

Photo credit: Philadelphia Eagles

R7 was created by entrepreneurial experts and professional athlete management executives to bring a healthier alternative beverage to pro athletes and high-achieving individuals.

Unlike most energetic beverages, R7 is made with intent for longevity, powered by L-Theanine and adaptogens that are set to improve cognitive function.

R7 Energy’s natural ingredients provide a no-jitter and no-crash approach, while still providing a great taste. R7 consists of three flavors: lightening lemon-lime, orbit orange, and midnight rush.

Hasson Gives Back

Aside from being a part of the #1 team in the National Football Conference – East Division (NFC

East), Haason dedicates himself to giving back to community youth. Every Tuesday Haason visits elementary schools providing insight to children that look up to him. He believes his purpose is to pave a way for the next generation of kids.

“I want to be a mentor and stand for everything that word entails,” said Haason Reddick. “I want kids to know there’s more to life than being in the streets performing acts that are irreversible. I want to show them there is another way out and that their life is valuable. You just have to find something you’re passionate about and apply yourself.”

Seven R’s

The “7” in R7 has a great deal of significance to the brand as it stands for seven R’s: Refuel, Revive, Reignite, Repair, Replenish, Recover, and Restore; all of which are associated with a main ingredient.

Refuel is paired with a performance caffeine blend plus L-Theanine delivering focused and sustained energy.

Revive contains Adaptogens that improve cognitive function and enhance athletic performance.

Reignite consists of L-Carnitine producing a faster conversion of fuel into energy.

Repair is paired with B-Vitamins to energize and help the body’s cells function at their best.

Replenish contains Electrolytes regulating chemical reactions and the body’s fluid levels.

Recover consists of Vitamin C to grow and heal body tissue.

Lastly, Restore consists of sugar providing the body a fast-metabolizing source of energy.

As the energy drink market continues to grow, R7 has positioned itself to become a distinctive “better-for-you” option.

With a target market of 18-35-year-old men and women, R7 targets individuals that pursue a life of challenge, and push themselves outside of their comfort zone in all aspects of life while still remaining healthy.

The brand also connects with influencers to further promote their brand, forming mutually beneficial relationships.

About R7 Energy: 

R7 is the healthy energy drink brand developed and created by veteran entrepreneurs and professional athlete management executives to bring a more sustained, healthier energy for not only pro-athletes but everyday high-achieving individuals.

Credit: R7 Energy

The unique R7 formulation is crafted differently and does not just deliver adaptogens that improve cognitive function. R7 pushes beyond key ingredients and focuses on providing consumers with a beverage that will give them no crash, no jitters, with a delightful taste!

Beyond the moment, it is also created to repair, replenish, and restore your body, so that consumers are ready for their next exertion. 

For more information about R7 Energy visit their website and follow them on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.