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Pepco Holdings Program Providing Jobs to Adults With Autism Takes Top Honors at 2018 Exelon Innovation Expo

An innovative program to provide meaningful employment to adults with autism stole the show at Exelon’s 2018 Innovation Expo that was recently held in Washington, D.C. 

An innovative program to provide meaningful employment to adults with autism stole the show at Exelon’s 2018 Innovation Expo held last week in Washington, D.C.

The program, launched late last year through a partnership between Pepco Holdings and The Precisionists Inc., received first-place in the fast-pitch contest beating out more than 250 other entries, according to a recent media announcement. The fast-pitch contest included a presentation in a Shark Tank-like atmosphere before a panel of judges, including Shark Tank’s own, Daymond John.

“It’s amazing what can happen when you unleash creativity, develop and nurture a new concept or idea, and foster a spirit of collaboration and caring. This award-winning program is the essence of innovation and has delivered amazing results by matching highly skilled and deeply focused people with specific jobs that leverage their unique talents,” said Dave Velazquez, president and CEO of Pepco Holdings.  “Congratulations to our employees and to The Precisionists on your great efforts to develop a truly innovative program that is transforming the lives of adults living with autism and the workplace for us all.”

Pepco Holdings and The Precisionists, Inc. (TPI) collaborated on the development of a program that created new positions for autistic adults to carry out project-based work for Atlantic City Electric, Delmarva Power, and Pepco. This work includes managing and updating databases, supporting the processing of solar application invoices and requests, and entering and analyzing data for the company’s customer care organization. All work is performed at The Precisionists Innovation & Technology Center in North Wilmington, Del.

“Over 80 percent of adults on the autism spectrum are un- or under-employed. It takes an innovative and committed organization like Pepco Holdings, partnering with The Precisionists and our unique employment model, to create the roadmap for career successes for this talented workforce,” said Ernie Dianastasis, CEO of The Precisionists.

Individuals entering the program go through a comprehensive four-week assessment that provides talent and career development to autistic individuals. As part of the program, Pepco Holdings hopes to identify additional opportunities to expand this employment model to other parts of its business and further support The Precisionists’ goal of employing 10,000 people with disabilities in the United States by 2025.

The Exelon Innovation Expo is held annually to showcase advanced technology and new business ideas that have the potential to transform the energy industry and the way we live and work in cities across the country. The day-long event brings company executives, employees, energy experts and municipal leaders from the cities of Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Chicago together to discuss smarter ways to produce and use energy and promote sustainability.

About Pepco:

The Pepco Holdings utilities Atlantic City Electric, Delmarva Power and Pepco, owned by Exelon Corporation (NYSE: EXC), provide safe and reliable energy to nearly 1.9 million electric delivery customers in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Delaware and New Jersey and approximately 130,000 natural gas delivery customers in northern Delaware.

About The Precisionists: 

The Precisionists, Inc. (TPI), a B-Corporation, is a national company focused on providing industry best practices for delivering administrative and technology services by building teams that include individuals with disabilities.  This approach enables The Precisionists to meet each customer’s specific needs and to deliver projects with the highest degree of productivity. The Precisionists, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, is dedicated to creating jobs for individuals with disabilities in all the markets it serves. Learn more here.