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Photo Gallery: Bellmawr’s Historic Hugg Harrison Glover House Demolished

Photo gallery of what was once Bellmawr’s Hugg Harrison Glover House. Despite efforts to save it, demolition took place early Friday morning.

Photo gallery of the rubble of what was once the Bellmawr’s historic Hugg-Harrison-Glover (1764 House). Also included in the gallery are a few photographs that were taken on February 21, 2017 prior to demolition.

The structure was demolished this morning.

All photos by SJO.


5 replies on “Photo Gallery: Bellmawr’s Historic Hugg Harrison Glover House Demolished”

The pictures of the destruction are enough to make you sick. Totally unnecessary destruction of an historic house that was priceless. Of course Bellmawr’s leaders including Mayor Filipek were useless as this unfolded– too little interest too late as usual. Sitting around with their thumbs up their behinds. Bellmawr also had two buildings almost as old destroyed in the 1930’s, then Bell Farms. There is no history left in town. This DOT boondoggle will not benefit any of the people in neighboring towns, billions of dollars are being spent just so people can pass through the area at a high rate of speed to get back to North Jersey.

Its really a crying shame. what about the plans to have moved the building i heard they were going to move it around to Anderson ave. well i guess The Mayor and his goons didnt care about it that much, this town has gone by the wayside.

Saying that it truly dated back to the 1700s is a real stretch. Nothing really historic about it. The majority of the house was not from that long ago. Now finish I-295 so that I can get to work in peace and without traffic jams!

Move out of the past. Why don’t you just move out of the state! Who cares about your travel issues. They don’t take precedence over history or our culture. You probably were in on this criminal act yourself by your craven comment I say follow the money. What’s next in trump’s America? We may all have to worry about our homes being bulldozed through eminent domain by greedy developers to benefit the few. I fully anticipate that crooked builders all over the country are itching to use these laws to take all sorts of private land and property they have been eyeballing for their own personal enrichment. And they will bulldoze right over anyone to get what they want.

“Saying that it truly dated back to the 1700s is a real stretch”

Thinking you know what you’re talking about is an even bigger one, bozo.

Were you born stupid or do you just work at it really hard? You think someone just made up that 1764 date inlaid on the wall? You jersey kiddies all seem to think the world started 12 years ago when you were born and revolves around you.

Grow the hell up, dimwit. With so many burger kings in the area, there’s no reason for you to have to suffer traffic jams to mop floors.

People like you are no better than the ISIS filth running around blowing up places like palmyra, et al.

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