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Photo Gallery: West Browning Road Bellmawr & NJDOT Selected Alternative and Photo Simulations

A photo gallery of the work in progress on West Browning Road in Bellmawr. Also included are NJDOT’s selected alternative and Photo simulations for the I-295/I-76/Route 42 Direct Connection interchange project.

Work is in progress in the area of West Browning Road in Bellmawr. At Council’s February 23, 2017 meeting, Council President, Steve Hagerty spoke about the work by saying that St. Joachim’s new parking lot project will include more parking spaces, a new parking area, new exits, and new entrances.

The case was heard before the Bellmawr Planning Board on February 6, 2017.

The rectory was razed on March 22, 2017.

Hagerty also said that a temporary bridge will be constructed as part of the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s (NJDOT) Direct Connection Project: “At the end of the summer is when the temporary bridge will go into effect and [the removal of] the old bridge.”

Bellmawr Zoning Official Jim Burleigh added: “At Browning Road over by the mausoleums, a temporary steel bridge will be put in. One lane each direction with a pedestrian walkway while they take down and redo the other one. They have to do footings and a lot of legwork.” he said.

NJDOT has uploaded selected alternative and photo simulations for the area. From the NJDOT’s website: “Past photo simulations showing potentially impacted areas were developed depicting existing conditions versus proposed construction. The photo simulations were preliminary and the aesthetics, landscaping, and architectural treatment will be further advanced during the final design phase to coincide with the location.”

The photo simulations were advanced during the final design phase. Photo simulations for the impacted areas and captions are all by NJDOT:

Browning Road Bellmawr
Browning Road looking east from St. Joachim Church
Browning Road Bellmawr
Browning Road looking west from New St. Mary’s Cemetery
Essex Avenue Bellmawr
Essex Avenue looking east from Bellmawr Park ballfields
Victory Drive Bellmawr
Victory Drive looking south toward Bellmawr Park School
Shining Star Park Mt. Ephraim
Shining Star Park in Mt. Ephraim looking south toward I-295 and Little Timber Creek
St. Mary's Cemetery Mausoleum
Above & Below: St. Mary’s Cemetery Mausoleum

St. Mary's Cemetery Mausoleum


Photo Gallery by SJO taken on April 23, 2017: