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Police/SWAT Situation in Brooklawn Ends Peacefully

Earlier in the day, Brooklawn Police asked residents to avoid the area and advised that this was not an active shooter situation.

Earlier today, the Brooklawn Police Department alerted the public on Facebook that Police and a SWAT Team were on the scene in the area of 400 Paris Avenue.

(Screenshot: Brooklawn Police Dept. Facebook)

In a second post, the police asked for the public to avoid the area and advised that it was “not an active shooter situation.”

(Screenshot: Brooklawn Police Dept. Facebook)

As the situation resolved, an officer told us that the scene would be cleared soon and that it “ended peacefully.” We will provide additional information as it becomes available.

The Brooklawn Police also posted that the situation had been resolved and that no one was injured.

(Screenshot: Brooklawn Police Dept. Facebook)

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