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Proposed New Site for Bellmawr’s Historic Hugg-Harrison-Glover House

There is a proposed, new site location for Bellmawr’s historic Hugg-Harrison-Glover House, Bellmawr Mayor Frank Filipek announced at Thursday night’s Caucus meeting.

Mayor Filipek provided SJO with a copy of the Concept Plan that shows where the historic home would be moved from its present location in St. Mary’s Cemetery to a new site on Anderson Avenue. The proposed site is across from Bell Oaks School and between the Resurrection of Christ Cemetery and Bellmawr Hockey. The site is not visible from Anderson Avenue and is down an access road where the Borough maintains a pump station.

Proposed location for the Harrison Hugg Glover House
Concept Map shows the proposed new site location for the Harrison-Hugg-Glover House.

Mayor Filipek said that the Department of Transportation (DOT) wants the property moved by December 1 because it sits directly in the right-of-way lineĀ for the Direct Connection project.

Mayor Filipek said he has also provided Congressman Donald Norcross with the Concept Plan and that Congressman Norcross will provide it to the DOT.

Filipek stressed that the Borough of Bellmawr will not incur the costs of moving the home and that he will provide updates as information becomes available.


Photos that show proposed new relocation site for the Hugg-Harrison-Glover House. The new site is down a private access road between the Resurrection of Christ Cemetery and Bellmawr Hockey. (Photos by SJO)



*Special thanks to Gary Sauter of the Bellmawr Recreation Department for his help with this story.


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Moving this historic building is a very important requirement to preserve it for our future generations. Too many historical buildings have been destroyed because there was no one protecting them. We can still move forward in our development and save what is left. Thanks to all who are working to save this house.

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