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Route 130 Bridge Over Timber Creek Reconstruction Project Expected to Go Out for Bid Later This Year; Project to Improve Roadway Drainage at West Brooklawn Circle

The purpose of the project is to replace the existing bridge over Timber Creek and improve roadway drainage at west Brooklawn Circle.

The Route 130, Bridge over Timber Creek project is expected to go out for bid later this year pending the completion of right-of-way agreements and permitting, and the resolution of utility conflicts, said Brian Ahrens, Public Information Officer for the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT).

The purpose of the project is to replace an existing bridge over Timber Creek and improve roadway drainage at the west Brooklawn Circle.

SJO recently sent an email to NJDOT asking when the project was projected to start and we also requested a copy of the project plan that was presented during a Public Information Session in March, 2019.

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Credit: NJDOT

On December 17, 2020, the Westville governing body finally adopted Ordinance No. 12-2020, which authorizes the execution of an agreement of sale between the Borough and the Commissioner of Transportation for a conveyance of a portion of Block 11, Lot 1, which is owned by the Borough for the Route 130 Bridge Over Big Timber Creek Project.

According to the March, 2019 Public Information Meeting Notice:

The Proposed Project

The existing 5-span bridge over Big Timber Creek will be replaced with a 3-span continuous bridge while maintaining the existing roadway and bridge profile.

The new bridge opening will accommodate required hydrologic and hydraulic requirements and satisfies the minimum clearance of 14’-0”.

A new fender system will be installed at the center span to accommodate the navigational channel with a clear horizontal opening of approximately 100’-0”.

The total out-to-out new bridge width will be 91’-2”, which is approximately 19’-0” wider than the existing bridge.

Additional proposed improvements along Route 130 also include the following:

  • Full depth reconstruction, milling, and resurfacing
  • A concrete curb/barrier along southbound New Broadway Road to retain the high tide water away from the roadway.
  • A stormwater basin to reduce flooding frequency during high tide event.
  • Retaining wall along southbound Route 130 to minimize environmental impacts
  • Improve outside shoulder width to 8’ within the limits of the project
  • ADA compliant sidewalks and curb ramps

Construction will be divided into multiple phases to optimize traffic operations and minimize traffic impacts to the traveling public.

Advance construction warning signs will be posted to inform motorists of upcoming work and lane closures.

State Police oversight is anticipated for this operation.

Estimated Project Schedule (based on funding availability)
Design: 2018-2020
Construction: 2020-2023

There’s a Facebook Group For That!

Whenever there are heavy rains, a hide tide, or a full moon, there is always the burning question: Will the Brooklawn Circle flood today?

To help with that, our friend Mark Matthews (who runs the website 42 Freeway) started the Facebook group: Is the Brooklawn Circle Flooded? The group currently has 4,100 members and information is shared about the current flooding status at the circle.

Mark said that he started the group out of necessity. People were always asking in other town Facebook groups if the circle was flooded. He added that he founded the group “partially, tongue in cheek. I never expected 4,000 + members.”

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