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Submerged in Heroics: Hearts of Heroes Episode Spotlights Gloucester City Police Department’s Heroic Water Rescue

Officers from the GCPD and Good Samaritans join forces to save a woman who was trapped in a submerged and overturned vehicle in the Delaware River.

The Gloucester City Police Department was featured on the May 13, 2023 episode of Hearts of Heroes: “Submerged in Heroics”.

The episode shows the dramatic water rescue performed by the Gloucester City Police Department and Good Samaritans when a call came in that there was an overturned vehicle that was submerged in the Delaware River.

It was on April 28, 2022 at 1:11 p.m. when officers promptly responded to a call for a water rescue at Freedom Pier. Upon arrival, officers discovered the upside-down and submerged vehicle in the Delaware River, south of Freedom Pier. It was initially unknown if the vehicle had any occupants.

Detective Sergeant Carlos DePoder, Officer Sean Gartland, and Officer John Bryszewski immediately and fearlessly jumped into the Delaware River, located a female inside the vehicle, and extricated her.

While still in the water, the officers provided essential medical treatment to the female, who was unconscious and “grey.”

Additionally, three Good Samaritans extended their assistance by helping to load the female onto their boat and transported both the female and the officers to the floating dock of the North Wind Schooner, situated on the north side of Freedom Pier.

Officers continued to provide medical attention until paramedics arrived to take over.

Watch the full episode here:

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