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Amazon Confirmed as “Confidential” Bellmawr Industrial Park Tenant

Signs are finally up and vans are parked at 281 Benigno Boulevard confirming that the “confidential tenant” that the Bellmawr Planning Board approved in June, 2018 is Amazon.

Bellmawr Amazon
(All photos by SJO)

SJO previously reported that at the Planning Board’s June 4, 2018 meeting, preliminary and final approval was approved for a “confidential tenant.”  The building was formerly owned by Bellmawr Laundry and sold to Shields Family Partnership on February 26, 2018 for $3,300,000, according to NJ

The minutes indicate that John Shields, of Shields Family Partnership, stated that the property was purchased in early February, 2018 and “no one has occupied the building for several years.”

After they purchased the property, Shields testified they were approached by a prospective tenant. “They will have 90-100 employees in the building and they will need additional parking. The tenant is confidential. The office and bathroom will be approximately 4,000 sq. feet.”

Photographs taken by SJO on October 28, 2018 show signs for “Amazon Flex” and “Amazon Parking Only.”

Bellmawr Amazon

The building has been undergoing renovations and improvements.

The Planning Board meeting minutes also indicate that an estimated 100 employees would be needed for distribution and that tractor trailers would bring the product at night and vans would deliver it during the day.

Recently, there have been several online job postings for an area manager and delivery drivers for Amazon in Bellmawr.