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Bellmawr Zoning Board to Hear Application Proposing Portion of Haag Ave. Property to be Developed & Utilized for Parking Lot for Amazon Services, Inc.

An application for Use Variance Approval and Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan Approval has been made to the Bellmawr Zoning Board that will provide for the overall development and use of a stand-alone parking lot with 88 parking spaces and related site improvements.

This would include lighting and stormwater management to serve an existing industrial facility located at 281 Benigno Boulevard, the
“parking lot tenant,” which is Amazon Services, Inc.

The Applicant intends to develop the parking lot on an approximately 14 acre property, located at 101 Haag Avenue

As depicted on the site plan, the area of improvements proposed as part of this Application will be limited to an approximately two acre portion of the property, located off of Hall Avenue.

The property is located within the Heavy Industrial Zoning District, and is owned by Green Horse Properties, LLC, which has consented to the filing of this Application.

The majority of the property is currently developed with an existing principal structure with supporting gravel and paved parking areas.

The parking lot will be used exclusively by the parking lot tenant, Amazon Services, Inc. to provide additional, overflow parking, especially during the parking lot tenant’s peak hours and high seasons.

The application will be conducted before the Zoning Board by telephone conference rather than an “in-person” meeting on the October 20, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. due to the closure of the due to COVID-19.

To join by telephone, dial: 1-978-990-5166 then type the following access code followed by pound (#) when prompted: 1390205#.

To view the site plan and application, click the images below:

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Bellmawr’s Services, Inc. Seeks Approval to Construct Rear Access Drive; Related Site Improvements Services Inc., has applied to the Bellmawr Planning Board for site plan and variance approvals along with design waivers for property located at 281 Benigno Boulevard.

The Applicant is proposing to construct a rear access drive along with related site improvements for loading purposes in connection with the existing warehouse/distribution facility on the property utilized as an Amazon “last mile” delivery station.

Site plan and variance approvals and design waivers are requested for a proposed three-foot driveway separation and off-street parking — 57 parking spaces are required, but 49 parking spaces are provided.

Additional variances, relief and/or waivers that may be required upon an analysis of the plans and testimony.

The property is located in the Heavy Industrial Zone and is owned by Shields Family Partnership, LLC.

The Bellmawr Planning Board will hear the case virtually on Monday, June 1, at 7:00 p.m. The application was originally scheduled to be heard on April 6, 2020, but the meeting was cancelled due to mandates put in place because of the coronavirus.

To present any objections which you may have to the granting of this Application and to participate in the virtual online Borough of Bellmawr Planning Board meeting, please visit:

  • Use Meeting ID 748-353-349.

To participate by phone, please call +1 (646) 749-3122 with access code 748-353-349.

All documents related to this application are on file and available for the public to review by contacting the Planning Board Recording Secretary, Margaret Sandrock at (856) 933-1313 or by email at to arrange to have the application materials provided.

*Article was updated on March 26, 2020 at 9:17 a.m.., May 18, 2020 at 6:55 p.m.

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Bellmawr’s Primetime Logistics Becomes NJ’s Fastest Growing Provider of Delivery Services for Amazon

Primetime Logistics, a company that provides delivery services for Amazon to residences and businesses across southern New Jersey, has quickly become the fastest growing Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) in the state.

Image provided

“Since we opened our doors in August 2019 after being selected to be an Amazon DSP, we’ve grown from five to over 100 employees,” says Albert Jacobs, CEO of Primetime Logistics, who was selected as the winner of Amazon’s Best Peak DSP award for his location in Amazon’s Bellmawr warehouse.  “We’re running 45 routes per day and we’re delivering close to 50,000 packages a week.  This explosive growth has been exciting, and our success continues to build thanks to the energy, talent, and enthusiasm of our incredible team.”

Albert Jacobs (Photo provided)

Jacobs attributes his company’s rapid expansion to his participation in the Entrepreneurship Pioneers Initiative (EPI), which is an education program that’s offered by the Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development at Rutgers Business School in Newark.  EPI is a nine-month program for first generation business owners that offers a blend of monthly classes, one-on-one counseling, financial guidance, peer coaching, and networking.

“EPI really laid the groundwork for me to be able to confidently develop and execute the opportunity with Amazon,” says Jacobs, who is also Owner/Founder of Bright Beginnings Child Care Center, which was recognized as the 2019 Best Daycare and Learning Center by the Burlington County Times.  “The support, direction, and practical business knowledge that I received was invaluable, and it absolutely positioned me to strategically navigate the day-to-day responsibilities of running Primetime Logistics.”

Marcela Andrea Zuchovicki, who is the owner of consulting firm Jalima & Associates and is an instructor in the EPI program, provided additional business services to Jacobs.

“I worked with Albert in the areas of operations, marketing, financial literacy, and overall business coaching,” says Zuchovicki, whose work has garnered numerous leadership, mentorship, and entrepreneurship awards.  “His experience in EPI gave him a superb foundation that led to his current success with his two businesses, and he’ll be able to use what he learned in all of his future endeavors.”

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Amazon Confirmed as “Confidential” Bellmawr Industrial Park Tenant

Signs are finally up and vans are parked at 281 Benigno Boulevard confirming that the “confidential tenant” that the Bellmawr Planning Board approved in June, 2018 is Amazon.

Bellmawr Amazon
(All photos by SJO)

SJO previously reported that at the Planning Board’s June 4, 2018 meeting, preliminary and final approval was approved for a “confidential tenant.”  The building was formerly owned by Bellmawr Laundry and sold to Shields Family Partnership on February 26, 2018 for $3,300,000, according to NJ

The minutes indicate that John Shields, of Shields Family Partnership, stated that the property was purchased in early February, 2018 and “no one has occupied the building for several years.”

After they purchased the property, Shields testified they were approached by a prospective tenant. “They will have 90-100 employees in the building and they will need additional parking. The tenant is confidential. The office and bathroom will be approximately 4,000 sq. feet.”

Photographs taken by SJO on October 28, 2018 show signs for “Amazon Flex” and “Amazon Parking Only.”

Bellmawr Amazon

The building has been undergoing renovations and improvements.

The Planning Board meeting minutes also indicate that an estimated 100 employees would be needed for distribution and that tractor trailers would bring the product at night and vans would deliver it during the day.

Recently, there have been several online job postings for an area manager and delivery drivers for Amazon in Bellmawr.