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Dedication of the Annette Castiglione Early Childhood Center

On June 8, 2017, there was a dedication of the Annette Castiglione Early Childhood Center in Bellmawr.

Ms. Castiglione is the Superintendent of the Bellmawr School District and was recently named 2018 Camden County Superintendent of the year.

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Bellmawr Schools’ Annette Castiglione 2018 Camden County Superintendent of the Year

Annette Castiglione, Chief Education Officer, Bellmawr Public School District, has been selected as the 2018 Camden County Superintendent of the Year.

In making the nomination, Camden County Affiliate President John Bilodeau, Chief Education Officer, Gloucester City, said, “Annette is one of America’s finest school superintendents. She is dedicated to helping the community grow and build on its strong foundation of excellence for each student, staff member and family.”

An Honor

The 2018 Camden County Superintendent of the Year Castiglione said, “It is an honor for me to have my colleagues select me to represent them in this prestigious award process.”

Research-based methodology and curriculum integration initiatives, a hallmark of Castiglione’s instructional leadership, afford the students of Bellmawr several unique and innovative programs. Her leadership provided the foundation for all the district stakeholders to be involved in the educational process and to serve as partners in solving the real challenges and complex issues facing education in the Bellmawr school community in the 21st century.

Under her tutelage schedules were changed to add full inclusion in grades K-8, increase instructional time in English Language Arts and Math and an Academic lab period was included to address remediation as well as enrichment course.

A referendum was passed in order to install new roofs on all school buildings and an early childhood center, serving 140 three and four year old children opened its doors in 2015.

Proven Educator

Castiglione is a proven educator with over 10 years experience as a school administrator. She assumed her present superintendency in 2007. She began her professional career as a Reading Teacher in the Camden Public Schools.

Annette Castiglione
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The selection process for the 2018 Superintendent of the Year begins with a request of each of New Jersey’s 21 counties to nominate a candidate to be considered as the New Jersey’s Superintendent of the Year. The selection criteria recommends each County Superintendent of the Year should have a minimum of five-years experience as a chief school administrator, a record of service with their county affiliate and the New Jersey Association of School Administrators (NJASA), and a distinguished record as an educator.

This is the tenth year of NJASA’s process to name selected individuals who will serve as the county’s nominee to compete for the position of one of three New Jersey Regional Superintendents of the Year and the possibility of being chosen the New Jersey Superintendent of the Year nominee, who then competes for the 2018 National American Association of School Administrators (AASA) Superintendent of the Year title.

A committee of NJASA Past Presidents will select the 2018 New Jersey Superintendent of the Year. The program, established in 1988 and sponsored by AASA and VALIC, is open to all public-school superintendents in the United States and overseas.

Selection Qualifications

The selection qualifications for the State and National Superintendent of the Year include: meeting the needs of their students, demonstrated communication strength, a commitment to professional development and growth, and significant community involvement. Additionally, at the state and regional levels, NJASA has a fifth qualification that addresses service to the Association.

AASA will announce the National Superintendent of the Year at its Annual Conference on Education in February 2018. The recipient of this prestigious honor will receive a $10,000 college scholarship for a student at the high school where the superintendent graduated.

About NJASA:

The New Jersey Association of School Administrators is an organization of chief education officers and school administrators who lead school districts in New Jersey’s 21 counties. The Association’s mission is to ensure a superior statewide system of education. Through ongoing professional training and education, the Association shares knowledge among its members about best practices from both educational and administrative perspectives. Its goal is to move education forward by ensuring the highest quality of instruction for all New Jersey children. The Association is located at 920 West State Street, Trenton, New Jersey 08618-5328 609-599-2900.

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