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William Hargrove Marina, Bellmawr: Two Specialty Properties Offered at $1,650,000

Two specialty properties of the William Hargrove Marina located at 1210 Creek Road in Bellmawr have been offered for sale at $1,650,00.

According to, the listing was created on December 30, 2019 and updated on August 7, 2020.

Investment Highlights Include:

  • Rack/Warehouse Area 17,040 square feet with 40′ clearance
  • 75 Dry Rack Storage Potential
  • Ten Ton Clark Lift Truck Included
  • 62 Floating Dock Slips
  • Two Bedroom Apartment waterfront marina office/shop

Taxes & Operating Expenses (Pro Forma – 2020)

Executive Site Plans A & B

To view the full listing details, click here.

The listing agent is:
Bryant Lafferty
RE/MAX Connection Commercial
856-988-1800 Ext. 118
28 N Maple Ave
Marlton, NJ 08053

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Creek Road Strip Stores (Across From Bellmawr Lake) Under New Ownership, Undergoing Major Face-Lift

The strip stores on Creek Road, across from Bellmawr Lake, have recently sold and are undergoing a major face-lift.

We recently noticed that serious rehabbing of the property is currently underway. There is no word as to what future businesses will be leasing there once renovations are complete.

This unit used to be the corner store. (SJO Photo)

I grew up in the “Dead-End” of Bellmawr – where Booth Drive and Peach Road intersect and right down the street from these strip stores. I remember that the end unit closest to Peach Road was once a corner store and used to have video games — Asteroid being one of them. If we had money, we would get candy, soda, or ice-cream there.

Sometimes when we rode our bikes, we’d head up the street to the stores. Starting from the “top,” we rode down each descending “step” that’s in front of each store. I’m sure the owners just loved that.

We would ride our bikes down these “steps”, starting at the top left and riding down each step past each store. (SJO Photo)

At one time, there was a limousine service, a gym, a martial arts academy, and up until recently, a Cash 4 Gold store and a hair salon.

This unit was once a martial arts academy. SJO Photo

Looking forward to watching these renovations progress and seeing what business will set up shop there.

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Borough of Bellmawr Tax Lien Sale to be Held as Online Auction Aug. 11

The Borough of Bellmawr has given notice of the Lien Sale of property for non-payment of 2019 taxes, assessment, and other Municipal charges.

The sale will be conducted on Tuesday, August 11, 2020 and will be held as an on-line auction.

For a listing of all parcels, click here.

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Bellmawr Mayor & Council to Hold Special Meeting to Afford Atilis Gym Opportunity to be Heard Regarding Revocation of Mercantile License

The Special Meeting of Bellmawr Mayor and Council that was scheduled for August 4, 2020 at 5:00 was cancelled and has been rescheduled until Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. in the courtroom of Borough Hall located at 21 E. Browning Road.

The purpose of the meeting was to open the meeting and afford Atilis Gym Bellmawr, L.L.C. an opportunity to be heard and consider the revocation of the mercantile license issued thereto by Borough Council.

In addition, Mayor and Council reserve the right to take any additional action, not anticipated at this time, that may be necessary, including items of a routine nature, which come before Mayor and Council. A public portion shall be conducted.

This Special Meeting will be conducted both in-person and remotely and will be live streamed on the Borough’s YouTube Channel.

Post updated on August 4, 2020 at 9:45 pm, August 6, 2020 at 5:40 pm.

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Bellmawr Mayor & Council Recognize EMS, Public Works

At the May 28, 2020, virtual meeting of Mayor and Council, Bellmawr Mayor Chuck Sauter thanked Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and the Department of Public Works (DPW) “for their hard work and dedication that they provide to us and to the Borough of Bellmawr.”

Proclamations that were read included:

  • A Proclamation for Department of Public Works Week- May 17 – 23.
  • A Proclamation for Emergency Medical Services Week – May 17 -23
  • A Proclamation for National Gun Violence Awareness Day on June 5.

Excerpts from Council’s Committee Reports

Councilman Paul DeAngelis

Due to the coronavirus, there has been a drastic increase in trash and recycling because more people are home. The Department of Public Works has assigned additional manpower and equipment to accommodate this. “The guys are working very hard, doing a lot of work, and picking up a lot of trash because there are a lot of people home,” Councilman DeAngelis said.

Councilman DeAngelis asked residents to be mindful of the amount of trash that they are putting out due to spring clean-outs, etc. and if possible, to try and spread out what is put by the curb over several weeks. “This will make it easier for the guys to get their jobs done quickly,” he said.

Concrete and asphalt crews are busy working on the east side of town performing concrete upgrades prior to the paving season. Paving schedules will be delivered to the residents prior to work being performed.

Be aware of additional construction sites in town as the construction crews have been working on the Missing Moves project on the west side. “Please slow down to help those crews out,” Councilman DeAngelis said.

Councilman Jamie Casey

The old water tower at Warren Avenue has been demolished. “The eye sore is now gone and now we have our new water tower,” Councilman Casey said. “All of that metal is going to be recycled and is on our 20/20 recycling tonnage report.”

SJO Photo taken May 26, 2020

Casey reminded residents and businesses to only flush toilet paper down the toilet. “We have been experiencing issues with pumps due to items, such as rubber gloves and wipes, in our sewers,” he said.

Councilman Jim D’Angelo

The tennis courts at the Rec Center have been repaved. In a few weeks, they will be painted.

The bids for the bathroom project have been rejected. “We are not abandoning the project. However, we need to discuss options before we move forward,” Councilman D’Angelo said.

The Rec Department continues to maintain vacated properties and are still working on getting the fields ready for if and when the teams return this year.

Two eyesores in town — the Pennant and the old water tower were both demolished recently.

SJO Photo taken May 15, 2020

Councilman Craig Wilhelm

Municipal Court began to hear cases virtually on May 18. As of late last month, there were 75 court sessions that were heard. “The prosecutor and the public defender are working behind the scenes with defendants through emails and these cases are being put on the record,” Councilman Wilhelm said.

The judiciary dropped in on them recently to see how they were doing and commended the court. We appreciate the efforts of our court administrator, Amanda Cubbler, and our Judge for getting things done, Councilman Wilhelm said.

Councilman Steve Hagerty

The Public Safety Departments are all working extremely hard during this time. “With the many different circumstances that have emerged, they have handled themselves very professionally,” Councilman Steve Hagerty said.

He also congratulated Sgt. John Mader who retired effective June 1 after 22 years.

Councilman Ray Bider

Regarding the adopted budget, the breakdown will be: local plus 1.8 cents, county minus 1.6 cents, school local plus 2.5 cents, Black Horse Pike Regional minus 1.2 cents for a total increase in the Borough of plus 1.5 cents.

Residents can expect to receive estimated tax bills for the third quarter. “This is the first time that Bellmawr has done this, but due to the delay in the State budget, it was necessary to send out the estimated report,” Councilman Bider said.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Borough has spent $27,451.” Hopefully, the majority, if not all , of that money will be given back to the Borough, through the applications of Emergency Management,” Councilman Bider said.

The Borough’s department heads have done a tremendous job, he said. “I would also like to thank all of the Bellmawr workers in every department for their dedication to keep things going.”

Only a portion of flags have been placed at St. Mary’s cemetery. The remaining part will be done in June.

Mayor Chuck Sauter

The Summer Youth Program, the Clean Communities Program, and the Borough’s Fourth of July festivities have been cancelled. “It was a tough decision, but it was made with the guidance from both State and County officials and we are disappointed. We are hoping that once the restrictions from the pandemic are lifted, we can all get together for a town-wide community event,” Mayor Sauter said.

The mayor also thanked the Office of Emergency Management, EMS, Police, Fire, Public Works, and their employees for their continued support, dedication, and hard work during this pandemic. “It is very much appreciated. We could not do it without all of those involved,” he said.

Police Promotions

  • Arty G. Tessier was promoted to Sergeant for the Bellmawr Police Department
  • Brian K. Ertl was promoted to Corporal for the Bellmawr Police Department

To view the meeting agenda with the supporting Resolutions, click the image below.

A Special Meeting of Bellmawr Mayor and Council has been scheduled for Tuesday June 9, 2020 at 5:00 pm conference call.

The purpose of the meeting is to open the meeting and thereafter rescind Resolutions #05:115-20 and #05:116-20 adopted on May 28, 2020, and to consider adoption of a Resolution for Local Examination in accordance with N.J.A.C. 5:30-7.6 a & b, adopt the 2020 Municipal Budget and the Resolution Authorizing Amending the 2020 Capital Budget.

In addition, Mayor and Borough Council reserve the right to take any additional action, not anticipated at this time, that may be necessary, including items of a routine nature, which come before Mayor and Council. A public portion will be conducted.

The May 28, 2020 meeting can be viewed in its entirety on the Borough’s YouTube Channel: