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Bellmawr Council Approves Resolution Supporting Interchange at Exit 3 of the Turnpike For Direct Access onto Rt. 42

At their December 15, 2020, meeting Bellmawr Council unanimously approved a Resolution supporting the Fifth Legislative District’s request to examine alternate plans for exit 3 as part of New Jersey Turnpike authority’s (NJTA) planned lane expansion project.

When asked for clarification about this Resolution, Mayor Chuck Sauter explained that this is for “the overflow traffic at the turnpike at exit 3. “They [NJTA] are doing a plan to see what they can do with the overflow of traffic and they needed support on that from Runnemede and Bellmawr.”

The Borough supports the request made by representatives of the Fifth Legislative District to the NJTA to examine alternate plans for Exit 3 as part of the planned lane expansion project, the Resolution reads. “The project would help alleviate longstanding traffic congestion issues in the surrounding community.”

Exit 3 of the New Jersey Turnpike (Image credit: Google)

The Resolution states that representatives of the Fifth Legislative District have requested that the NJTA review potential solutions for relieving traffic congestion issues “by directing some of the traffic towards a major highway, and away from local neighborhoods.”

“The project will improve the ancillary issues that arise because of traffic incidents, local neighborhood quality of life issues, and roadway preservation problems due, in part, [because] of the configuration of Exit 3 on the New Jersey Turnpike in the Boroughs of Runnemede and Bellmawr,” the Resolution reads.

“The project will allow the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to construct an interchange at Exit 3 for direct access onto Route 42” in Bellmawr and Runnemede.

To view the Resolution in detail, click the image below:

All other business on Council’s agenda was approved.

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Boro of Runnemede & Camden County Improvement Authority Propose Revisions to CDBG Project

The Borough of Runnemede and the Camden County Improvement Authority are proposing revisions to a Community Development Block Grant project, according to a Legal Notice that was published on October 19, 2018.

According to the Legal Notice, the Borough of Runnemede and the Camden County Improvement Authority are proposing the following revisions to the Community Development Block Grant project(s) as follows:

Change Year 39 – $23,285.66 from “Borough Hall Parking Lot ADA Improvements” to “Removal of architectural barriers in the municipal building; installation of an ADA Hallway and Elevator” within Block Group 3 of Census Tract 6072.

Citizens will have the opportunity to comment on the above activity revision during a Public Hearing during the next regular council meeting at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at Runnemede Borough Hall located at 24 North Black Horse Pike, Runnemede.

Written comments also may be addressed to the Improvement Authority, Community Development Block Grant Program, 2220 Voorhees Town Center, Voorhees, NJ 08043 and will be accepted up to 30 days from the date of this publication.

The Authority will consider all comments.

Comments may also be sent directly to the HUD Newark Office, 1 Newark Center 07102 up to 30 days from the date of this notice.

(Source: NJ Public

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PSE&G Seeks Approval to Upgrade & Expand Existing Runnemede Evesham Ave. Substation

Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) has applied to the Borough of Runnemede Zoning/Planning Board for preliminary and final site plan approval, as well as variance approval, to upgrade and expand an existing substation at 892 East Evesham Road.

According to the legal notice that was published on September 27, 2018, PSE&G has applied for approval “to upgrade and expand an existing substation by adding new electrical processing equipment in order to provide better reliability and an increased capacity to meet existing and future demands for commercial and residential users.”

In addition to upgrading the electrical service, “proposed improvements include the construction of a freestanding bathroom structure, substation lighting, security fencing and relocation of the existing access drive within the substation yard to accommodate the layout of the new electrical processing equipment.”

The block and lot upon which these improvements are proposed are designated on the official Tax Assessment Map of the Borough of Runnemede as Block 149, Lot 5 (Tax Map Plate 11.01). The property is commonly known as 892 East Evesham Road, Runnemede, New Jersey. This property is located in the P- Public/QuasiPublic Lands Di”strict where public utilities such as electrical substations and equipment are permitted uses, the legal notice states.

Additionally, the following variances from the Borough of Runnemede Zoning Ordinances are sought:

  • To permit a fence eight feet in height where a maximum height of six feet is permitted.
  • To permit barbed wire to be installed on a fence whereas barbed wire is not permitted to be installed anywhere on a fence.

“A good faith effort has been made to accurately describe the proposed use and identify any variances, waivers, exceptions or deviations that are required as determined by PSE&G’s professionals prior to this notice,” the legal notice reads.

In addition to the foregoing described approvals, PSE&G will also seek approval for any and all other waivers of design standards and/or submission requirements, variances, deviations, interpretations, exceptions, approvals, site plan approvals and/or other incidental relief that may be required or deemed necessary by the Board after or during its review of this application, together with any further relief that may be deemed necessary as reflected in the plans and materials filed during the hearing process, including that which may be generated by way of revised plans and submission of same to the Board without further notice.

Measurements, percentages and other calculations provided in this notice are in accordance with the plans filed with the application. Please note that to the extent plan and/or application revisions are made during the hearing process, these measurements, percentages and other calculations will likely change as will the associated relief from the requirements of the Code of the Borough of Runnemede as applicable. PSE&G reserves the right to amend its application accordingly.

The Zoning/Planning Board has scheduled a public hearing to review the application on October 10, 2018 at 7:00 p.m., in the Borough of Runnemede Municipal building located at 24 North Black Horse Pike.

The application for development, engineering plans and all other supporting maps, plans and other related documents submitted with the application are available for inspection at least 10 days prior to the hearing date in the office of the Secretary of the Zoning/Planning Board in the Borough of Runnemede Municipal Building from 9:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m., Mondays through Fridays, excluding holidays.

Source: NJ Public

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Boro of Runnemede $1.3M Bond Ordinance Considered For Final Passage June 27

The Boro of Runnemede has published a Legal Notice for a Bond Ordinance totalling $1,337,000 for various capital improvements along with the acquisition of various capital equipment for the Public Works Department.

According to the Legal Notice that was published in the Retrospect newspaper on June 16, 2017, the $1,337,000 appropriation includes a $46,000 down payment and $417,000 in grants/loans (if any), bringing the amount of obligation to $874,000.

The Ordinance will be considered for final passage after the public hearing at the Runnemede Borough Council meeting on Monday, June 27, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

To view the details of the Bond Ordinance, click the image below:Runnemede Boro Bond Ordinance(Source: The Retrospect via NJ Public

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Bellmawr’s Kennedy Blvd. To Be Reconstructed, Thanks to a $217K NJDOT Grant

Bellmawr’s Kennedy Boulevard will be reconstructed, thanks to a $217,000 Municipal Aid Grant awarded by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT).

The 2017 Municipal Aid Grant recipients were announced on May 25, 2017.

Bellmawr Council passed a Resolution in February, 2017 authorizing a grant application to be submitted to the NJDOT for the Kennedy Boulevard project.

Kennedy Boulevard Bellmawr


373 Local Aid Grants Totaling $78.75 Million

A total of 373 Local Aid grants totaling $78.75 million will help municipalities advance a variety of transportation projects without burdening local property taxpayers.

“Most of the Municipal Aid grants will support road resurfacing or preservation projects, and will help towns make much needed repairs,” NJDOT Commissioner Richard T. Hammer said. “These grants will help keep local roads in a state of good repair without burdening local property taxes.”

The competitive Municipal Aid grant program attracted 628 applications worth $287.3 million in work. A total 373 municipalities applicants were awarded grants, which are funded through the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund.

Under the Municipal Aid grant program, each county is apportioned a share of the total funding based on population and the number of local centerline miles. Municipalities compete for portions of their county’s share. Past performance in connection with timely award of projects and construction close-out factor into the evaluation of the Municipal Aid grant proposals. Of the $78.75 million, there is $5 million allotted for municipalities qualifying for Urban Aid under state law, with the awards determined by the Department of Community Affairs.

When evaluating municipal aid grant applications, NJDOT gives an additional point to municipalities that have adopted Complete Streets policies. At the time municipal aid applications were due there were 122 municipalities with complete streets policies, and all but eleven submitted applications. Of them, 99 were recommended for grants totaling $21.4 million.

A total of 134 municipalities and eight counties now have adopted Complete Streets policies, which establishes guidelines that require consideration be given to pedestrians and bicyclists when local transportation projects are being planned, designed, and built. NJDOT adopted its award-winning policy in December, 2009.

NJDOT provides 75 percent of a municipal aid grant when a town awards a contract and the remaining 25 percent upon completion of the project.

Mt. Ephraim & Runnemede Awarded Grants

Mt. Ephraim and Runnemede were also awarded grants as follows:

To view the list of all the 2017 Fiscal Year Municipal Aid Grants, click the image below:

NJDOT 2017 Municipal Aid Grants